Help, My Product Launch Just Crashed and Burned – What Next ?

The Core

Core Audience


Are you hiding out in a deep, dark cave in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan too frightened to face up to the fact that your new product launch just crashed and burned ?


Good Ole Cuzin Andie now even bossier – may be on the way to a million dollar fun style payday but sadly 90% of the product launches that happen out there on the interwebs finish up as a pile of twisted,  smoking wreckage on the launch pad.


And there is a very good reason for it. They did not resonate with their core audience  = You weren’t even launch ready


Below you will find 6 questions. Answer them with the help of the launch system toolbox that you just downloaded after opting in…


Before you do, grab the phone and speak to as many prospects you can. Ask them to give you their feedback. Which piece of your offer did they really want to know more about? Which had no interest at all? What is the major challenge facing their business right now? Drill down and get as much data as you can.


Truth be told, you should have done this a long time ago.  But now, with the wreckage scattered round you, you just cannot avoid it anymore.


If you are going to stand any chance of putting your product launch plans back on track, you need these answers and you need them now.


Now it’s your turn. Be brutally honest with yourself…


#1. Did the offer/price/target audience/delivery mechanism match up as they should ? Review your product launch strategy


#2. Did you get your pre-launch sequence right? Were the pre-launch events tightly scripted and focused on your core audience’s pain or frustration?


#3. Have you written your launch story? This is not about you. Your core myth is the theme that runs through your whole launch sequence. In it you put your finger on the major pain points that your prospects are struggling with and show them how they can overcome them and the benefits that this will bring. Work on this until you have shone a light in all the dark corners. It will bring clarity and focus


#4. What do your Metrics tell you ? Did your lead magnet convert ? How many did you test? Dig deep and  find out as much as you can from Google analytics.


#5. Is your product fit for purpose ? With your enhanced insight into the minds of your target audience hack away all the dead wood in your product. Fill out sections by adding much needed value

#6. Your Offer? This is the bottom line. Your original offer did not excite your prospects. In fact when asked to take it or leave it, they chose the latter. Take another look. What existing assets will add value without adding overheads?


You may well have to go back to square one and re-plan you product launch from scratch. It may just need to be tweaked. Having spent all that time and money and come up with a ‘dry well’ you are probably searching for a way to get a quick cash infusion to partially replace the lost revenue.


There is certainly a way of doing this and getting your product re-built in the process so do not despair. Contact us now and we’ll put a product launch blueprint together for you so that the phoenix can rise from the ashes…


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Rory Ramsden