Have You Got a Product Launch Strategy ?

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We’ve talked about the benefits if doing an individual product launch. About how it will position you as an expert. About how it will build your list of buyers and prospects. And about how it will bring you deal flow.

But we haven’t talked about thinking strategically

If the product launch you are working on now, could set you up for the next one and the next one, that would make a lot of sense wouldn’t it?

You would have a plan going forward that would allow you to position yourself in such a way that your market would see a logical progression of associated offers. The strength of one sequence of product launches would be transferred to the next.

Thinking strategically requires focused diversification…

Leading to multiple streams of income and strength in depth. And you will be able to offer possible JV partners a range of proven products to choose from.

And you can cross-promote each one to your own pre-existing lists of buyers. Evergreen internal product launches like these allow you to wring every last drop of ROI from your hard work.

So, before you ever do your first product launch, you must have a clear idea of how it will fit into your whole business plan going forward.

Being an opportunity seeker means bouncing from one ‘hot’ idea to the next never really making an impact. You will always be a peripheral figure out to make a quick buck.

Being a strategic thinker means having a business with a long term future. Your focused diversification strategy will ensure that. So think about stacking one product launch on top of another as well as stacking associated products.

if you have any questions about how to do a product launch or the strategies involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll fix a time for a 30 minute Skype chat with Rory – Rory.Ramsden – No commitments either way. No Charge either…



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