Has Harry Potter Influenced Your Marketing Strategy?

Product Launch with Harry Potter

Hogwarts Coat of Arms


The Harry Potter books, all 7 of them together, sold 450 million copies in 67 languages and counting. JK Rowling certainly made a lot of money from those sales but we all know that the author’s share from each book sale can be counted in cents rather than dollars.


So what transformed her income? You guessed it… The films, of course. The series is the highest grossing film series of all time, with $7.4¬†billion in worldwide receipts


So has this fact – hidden in plain sight – impacted your marketing strategy?


We all know that in these tough economic times you have to bundle more and more real value into your offer to WOW your prospects into pulling out their credit cards. And the way to do that is to take that product and convert it into a series of videos with transcripts, worksheets and quick start guides etc…


Video has a far higher perceived value and is much easier to consume. So if you want to ensure that your customers really do get the full benefit from your offer, video is currently the best way especially if you make each one an entertaining micro story with a compelling headline, an antagonist and a simple solution


And it can be delivered online at very little cost to you once uploaded.


If you ‘have a face for radio’ like me,¬† just get over it. Nobody is interested in what you look like, they want the value in what you have to say


But what if you are in e-commerce or selling hard goods from your store, can you use video too?


Yes, of course. Brainstorm all the questions you get asked, make a list, divide that into topic sections, then make a video series covering each one. Start by explaining the ‘gist’ of each section then drill down into detail.


Making videos that answer all these questions adds tremendous value to your core product which is especially important when doing a new product launch. Pick three videos that help your customers quickly and easily get closer to their goals and use these in your pre-launch sequence to build excitement and anticipation.


So applying the Harry Potter product launch marketing strategy – adding video to your product – will boost perceived value, engage your prospects and transform the return on your investment without doing a mountain of additional work



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Rory Ramsden