Product Launch: Good Communication is The Key To Your Success

Product Launch Communication



Doing a product launch can generate a tidal wave of sales in the time it takes to put your launch sequence together  and execute it, there are other key benefits…


Here are just 3 important ones


#1. Positioning – By simply working through the step-by-step launch process and delivering content that your audience truly wants and will benefit from, you will be positioning yourself as the expert authority. In this day and age, being regarded as your customers’ trusted adviser is very important. They will be more ready to buy from you even if your prices are higher because they know they will get value for money.


#2. List Growth – You don’t build a list in order to sell something. You sell something to build a list. Doing a product launch allows you to target a very specific market segment and offer them real solutions to a deeply felt problem. The result will be strong growth in both your prospect and client lists. And we all know that these are the two most important assets that you can possess.


#3. Launch Stacking –  Having completed one product launch, you should immediately start planning the next. The second will be bigger and stronger because it will build on the momentum created by the first.


All this doesn’t happen by chance. The planning and logistics that goes on behind the scenes takes time and commitment. It’s these that make or break your whole launch.


There are lots of tactics at your disposal to help you reach more prospects both online, offline and on the move but these are simply tools that you can pull out of your launch systems toolbox whenever you need them. They are nothing without a product marketing strategy and a clear vision of what you want to achieve.


So here are 4 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that you have to be clear on


a) Mindset


Your first instinct might be to ignore this but having the right mindset is crucial to your success. You must genuinely want to help your audience get what they want. The beauty of a product launch is that it will give them time to get to know you, where you have come from and why they should believe in you. They will instinctively shy away if they are not sure about you or what you say. Be open and transparent…


b) Your Goals


Setting measurable goals is very important. To start with, positioning yourself, building credibility, growing your lists or simply optimizing your sales funnel and making sure that your offer converts are certainly a higher priority than earning a ton of money. This will come as a by product of focusing on these


c) Confidence


The cold hard fact is this. Your marketing may be the best on the planet but if you cannot get paid, it is irrelevant. Simply put, the smooth flow of money through your business depends on the confidence your bank and  your merchant provider – the company processes the payments made by credit card – If a sudden influx of cash hits your account, they will start to ask questions. They will want to know all about the source. Meanwhile, they will put a stop on your account until they have the answers. This could take 90 days or more. So hundreds of thousands of dollars in orders could be lost – Ouch!


This nightmare can be avoided. First by building a relationship with the key decision makers. Second, by starting with a small beta launch and building up to a big external launch with lots of partners promoting for you. And third, proving to those decision makers that you are as good as your word. If you say something is going to happen, it must. This consistency will build trust and confidence


d) Fulfillment House


Here’s another key player in your plans to over deliver to your new customers. Getting your product delivered quickly and efficiently is key to maintaining your credibility. To do this you need to have a good relationship with your fulfillment house. You need to know that they will act quickly when your client orders arrive.  The quicker you can get the product into the hands of your customers the higher your “stick” rate will be and, correspondingly the lower your rate of returns.


The key to all this is good communication


Let people know what’s going on as things happen. Anticipate problems and work out what plan B will be before you need it. A product launch has a lot of moving parts and the situation is fluid even as you go into pre-launch sequence. Your product champion – you – will want to respond to feedback as it happens by adding sections the product and/or re-focusing others.


That’s why, you need to think about how to structure your product. Deliver a fast start program digitally and follow up with the ‘big box’ element.


Your product launch will be exciting. And scary. And exhilarating. All at the same time. Get the structure of each element right. Develop a clear strategy. Set measurable goals. Do all these, but don’t forget the people  who control the smooth flow of money through your business. Without their full support, life will be very hard when it could have been easy.



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Rory Ramsden