Go The Extra Mile: Make Yourself Remarkable


Here’s an extract from a great article that I came across while cruising through the Warrior Forum. The gist is that the crowd is looking for the easy route to internet riches. If you do too, how will you stand out. It’ll be super difficult to get any traction.


That makes a whole lot of sense to me.


Here’s that extract…



Here’s my philosophy: harder is easier. Since fewer people do it, less competition. I love the fact that it’s “just a little bit harder” for most people to create video products. That makes my products stand out more. I like it that it’s “just a little bit harder” to re-purpose PLR content than to use it as is. That makes my PLR promotions a lot more profitable.
Don’t think easier… think harder. Look for those things that require just a little more effort. Those are the things you want to do, because most people won’t do them. And if you do enough of those things, you’ll start to develop a competitive advantage.”


I’m into competitive advantage so excuse me whilst I take Jason Fladlien’s


Oh… Before I go you can get the his 8 top tips to making money by being counter-intuitive


Moral: Don’t follow the crowd, be remarkable!


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