Getting Your Pre-Launch Sequence Right

Pre-Launch Event

Pre-Launch Event


Getting your pre-launch sequence right is crucial to having a successful product launch


It’s during this phase that you engage your target audience, build buzz and excitement and create a sense of anticipation. One of the classic ways of doing this by delivering results in advance.


This is a three or four stage process – each one corresponding to a pre-launch event – in which you bring your avatar closer to achieving his goal by delivering a sequence of ‘micro-lessons’ or tools that can be acted upon immediately.


Encourage your audience to act upon your advice and tell you of their successes on your launch blog and this is what happens…


  • They prove to themselves that your product or service really works.
  • This builds their trust in you because their lives have improved
  • The early adopters comment on your launch blog which creates social proof
  • This encourages others to try it and succeed as well
  • They too join the conversation
  • These comments then start appearing in their friends news feeds because you have integrated your launch blog with your Facebook business page and from there to Twitter
  • More people click through to find out what the fuss is about
  • The excitement builds
  • Your product launch goes viral


You’d better get launch ready

There’s a lot to do before you start your product launch sequence. You have to be super organized. There are a lot of moving parts both technically and logistically. Miss one and you’ll be scrambling to catch up at best. Or at worst, all your hard work plus your credibility will crash and burn.


Would you hire yourself to do your product launch ?


And another thing


Don’t go for broke straight out of the gate. Segment your list and start by doing a small beta product launch. This will allow you to test and optimize your systems plus you can get feedback on your offer too.


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Rory Ramsden