Get Personal: Diving Deep To Understand Your Customers

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Diving Deep


The success of your new product launch depends on you having the deepest possible understanding of your potential customers. I’m not just talking demographics here. You need to have a gin clear vision of what drives them emotionally


The best way to do this is simply to pick up the phone and speak to them


There are people all over the world who try to do new product launches without laser targeting their offer on their prospects core needs. The result is a launch sequence that fails to engage the market because the launch story has been poorly defined.


If you really want to succeed as an information marketer, spend time finding out what the real-live people in your niche actually want.


You learn so much when you go straight to the source of pain…


Here are 4 ways to do this…


#1. Survey

Using online survey software like invite the people on your list to fill out a quick 2 minute survey. Keep it short and offer an incentive to boost response. Make sure that your questions are ‘open’ and so do not ‘lead’ them to an answer(s)  that you have pre-determined.


#2. Webinar, Teleconference or Teleseminar

Deliver valuable content either by interviewing a well respected authority in your niche or by expanding on the results of your survey to give insights that will help your audience get closer to their goal. Teaching content in this way and then eliciting questions will surface objections to your basic premise that you may not have thought of before. You will learn a lot about what people are struggling with based on their responses


#3. Consulting Calls

Helping your clients one-to-one by providing consulting calls will give you greater insight into the market so set up a system where you attract a regular flow of prospects seeking your help.  Each one will offer a brilliant opportunity to deepen your understanding of the challenges that they are facing.


#4. Coaching

The next step is to convert the prospects you speak in your consulting calls to into regular coaching clients. Set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly coaching calls with them. By helping people achieve success in this way, you are building potential ‘case studies’ to build into your offer when you  do your product launch


Look at these 4 ways of connecting with your prospects as a sequence where you start with a survey, then invite those who took part to join you on a webinar where you encourage people to tell them you are happy to give a select few a free consulting call.


Where you go from there depends on how you…


Taking the time to drill down like this allows you to discover the core, external, emotional and physical challenges facing your customers. Knowing this will allow you to pull their emotional triggers effectively when it comes to creating your product launch sequence content. You will also be familiar with the language – unique phraseology – of your niche


Every ‘tribe’ in every niche has its own language cues. That’s how they pick each other out from the crowd so it’s essential that you use these cues in your product launch story. Doing so sends a subliminal message and engages your prospects when you empathize with them by putting your finger on their major pain points.


Intuitively understanding your marketplace requires one-to-one requires you to get personal by interacting with your core audience. The more you do, the more you will nail the real challenges that they face.


WARNING: Their first answer to your question may not be the real answer. So be prepared for some gentle probing to get down to the real challenges. The only way to do this successfully is face to face or on the phone…


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Rory Ramsden