Get Eye Popping Results From Your Product Launch


Being small and nimble and online has presented a plethora of opportunities forEye Popping Results
small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete on almost equal terms with
established brands.  You can move quickly to grab new opportunities that are congruent
with your marketing strategy.


There are more ways to win new clients and customers than ever existed in history. Yet no matter which ones you chose to use, the ultimate buying decision rests on one simple feeling based on gut reaction.


Does your potential client see you as a trusted adviser whose solution can quickly and easily provide the benefits that he or she is desperately seeking? If the answer is NO, you’re deal is fried


So how can you turn it all around,  no hard sell, no hassle … ?


Just Provide The Proof That You Are The Real Deal


  • Proof builds faith. Faith that your product will deliver the solution that your prospect seeks.


  • Proof builds expert status and then authority. By demonstrating that you are the real deal, prospects are far more willing to accept what you have to say as the gospel truth.


  • Proof builds belief that your core audience can break out of the spiral of despair. Because you have demonstrated that your product or service has worked for others worse off than them, the risk of failure is reduced and replaced with hope and the belief that finally they can reach the sunlit uplands.


The most cost effective and doable system for becoming the trusted adviser is product launch marketing. It works in any niche. It works for small businesses as well as recognized brands like Apple. There’s no hard selling involved. It’s not ‘sales-y’ in any way. You can be who you are. Your prospects would certainly prefer the genuine article that they like and respect than some ‘hype-y’ salesman that simply drives them away. And, you get to layer one level of proof on top on another so your prospects are convinced you are the real deal and that your product or service is worth its weight in gold.


Because of the web you can reach more people in one day than your forefathers could reach in a lifetime. But, so can your competitors who are constantly bombarding your prospects with more marketing messages than ever before.


Take the concept of  a seed launch


In the old days, a ton of money was spent on advertising in the print media and on TV. Now a product launch is all about building relationships and connecting with your core audience through your launch story.


You tell this on your launch blog, through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as then seamlessly integrate mobile marketing to reach out to your people wherever they may be. Engaging your prospects using a ‘seed’ launch before they are even aware of your new product, gives you time to elicit questions and provide the proof that is fundamental to achieving eye popping results.


Being seen as a ‘trusted friend’ means that your prospects are much more receptive to your marketing message especially if you have taken the time to find out what’s really going on inside their heads.


Layering one proof element on top of another boosts your credibility and your authority. Delivering it in a friendly ‘real’ way makes your prospects even more willing to listen


So, providing proof breaks down the barriers and engages your audience in your launch conversation


While a product launch can be a gold mine for those in the know, relying on your pixilated messages to turn prospects into customers can be tough for the uninitiated


Every business wants to build credibility through its marketing. The trick is to do so in a systematic way. If you have a system that works, you know you can repeat it at will and get predictable results.


And that’s what product launch marketing is. A system that takes the guess work out of your marketing and that you can put to work in your business over and over again.


Find out how you too can develop your very own customized product launch marketing strategy, just contact us now and we’ll take the next step together.



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Rory Ramsden