Front Load your Videos


The fact is that video marketing is huge and likely to get bigger still. That does not mean that you should give up article marketing which has proven over time that it has got ‘legs’ But a video is likely to be picked up and ranked by Google much quicker. Whether your efforts have the same immediate impact on your bottom line is less evident.



Instant gratification is what our society craves and having been sated, it moves quickly on to the next ‘must have’ shiny object. Knowing this, you should plan to produce your marketing videos in a steady stream of quality output that creates ‘impact’. It must grab the viewers eye balls and stick them to the screen in seconds. It must start with a ‘shock and awe’ moment that shakes the viewer by the throat and jolts him out of his semi comatose state.



The drop off rate after 30 seconds is significant so front load your video with hard hitting stuff. Aim to blow them away in a  New York minute or you’ll have lost them for ever.



Once you’ve got their attention, tell them who you are, what you’ve got and exactly what you want them to do next. If your video is a lead magnet, the whole thing should be around 60 seconds long.



But that’s not the only purpose for a good video marketing strategy.



Here’s a short list of where using video is effective…

  1. Pre-Launch Content
  2. Rapport Building
  3. Sales Letter
  4. Shopping cart



The lead magnet technique does not fit all.



As your prospects move through your sales funnel their state of mind will evolve and respond to the message that you are giving. Knowing this ‘state’ before you start the camera rolling is essential. Part of our role as Product Launch Managers is to guide you through the 1000s of details that go into a successful new product launch. Video production, scripting, editing and hosting is just one part.



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