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So your product launch marketing plan or strategy as some prefer to call it combines all you know about social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, direct mail marketing and good old plane Jane search engine marketing too. By combining all these tactics, you have Teflon-coated your sales funnel to make it as smooth and friction-free as possible…


Friction Free Marketing allows you to reach out to all your prospects wherever they may be… online, offline or on the move


That sounds pretty cool, right? But what’s even cooler if that your customers can engage with you right then and there without having to wait an instant.


That’s the delivery system taken care of then…


But you’re not going to transform yourself into Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove and ride the rocket to stratospheric success without getting the product launch basics right.


Let’s get a few things straight


#1. Your product/offer


No matter what niche or market segment…  No matter whether you have a new product or an evergreen one…  No matter whether it is a physical object, a digital product or even a service… You can do a product launch or friction free launch to quickly propel yourself past the competition.


#2. Not got a list ?


You don’t build a list to sell a product. Quite the reverse, in fact. You sell a product to build a list so not having one to start with is no barrier to entry. You will need a 4 figure budget to switch on the traffic geyser and direct it at your squeeze pages. Look at this as an opportunity to test headlines and copy as well as lead magnets. Knowing what works this early on will help you create an offer that is tightly targeted on the pain point that your people are feeling most


#3. Not got any joint venture partners?


No worries… They’ll come running when you need them. You see the one thing that these guys yearn for more than anything is a proven offer that converts. They are not going to risk mailing for you until you can show them your metrics. Metrics that show cast iron visitor value – That is the total revenue achieved divided by the total number of visitors to your sales page – Make this number attractive enough and you will have no trouble attracting JVs to promote your product launch.


#4. You are a nobody


Even the somebodies were nobodies once upon a time so don’t let this stop you if you are a master of your craft, a specialist or an expert in your field. Your product launch will quickly position as you as such in the market. And the kicker is that specialists get to charge top dollar for their knowledge. You just have to look at the medical profession to see the truth in that statement…


Just think of a product launch like this… Imagine you are at college and you have spotted this really hot gal. You lie awake at night working out your strategy… How are you going to get noticed? What can you do to attract attention? What can you give your intended by way of a series of small presents that will intrigue her and make her want to know more? When are you going to push the ‘start’ button for your campaign? You work out all the details. You put the whole sequence in place. It’ll take a few weeks at least before you know whether you have succeeded


A product launch sequence sets out with the exact same goals – applied to a different sphere of course – but the process and the timing are just as critical. It will will give your prospects time to get to know you. You will demonstrate your track record. Maybe even give references from respected authorities. And you will do all this without even mentioning your product or service


You will pay it forward. Put credit in the bank. Help your people get closer to their goals.


Just imagine what lavishing all this attention on your prospects will do to your positioning in the market place. Do you think that your audience is more or less likely to buy from you when they have already actioned 2 or 3 of your top tips and found them to have helped amazingly?


They will be excited and eager to buy, for sure. 1o times more so than if you had just dumped them on a long copy sales letter or sent them a brochure. They would have time to think. Time to consider. Time to decide that they cannot afford to miss this opportunity.


This time also allows you to integrate 20 + different mental triggers into your product launch sequence and boost your sales still further. No wonder conversions are so high.


You don’t just need a delivery mechanism like a friction free product launch… you must know your market and the people in it. You must know what makes them tick. Then you will connect with them on an emotional level and they with you.


You have two choices when it comes to selling your product online. Pull one lever to market online or pull them all in a tightly orchestrated sequence to execute a friction free product launch. One is painful and expensive with a marginal return on investment. The other is fun and highly lucrative


So, how do you get yourself launch ready?


Job #1 is to find out as much as you can about your prospects – their demographics, their attitudes, what keeps them awake at night, their hopes, dreams and ambitions – and then validate this research. Just going on line and surfing round a few sites will give you the basics but without validating that research it’s just theory… Get on the phone !


Job #2 is to get fresh pair of eyes to look over your product launch marketing plan and make sure that it really is fit for purpose.  It will bring things into focus and pay massive dividends on launch day.  I’d be happy to jump on the phone with you and help you pinpoint the weaknesses in your launch strategy. It’ll cost you nothing but your time. This product launch evaluation is designed to help you get your product to the launch pad so that you can take your business to the next level  Contact us now to find out more.




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Rory Ramsden