First, Biggest, Best or Different… Which is it To Be?

First, Biggest, Best or Different

First, Biggest, Best or Different

Your product launch will position you in your market place. Having a well defined goal in mind is therefore important. Which is it to be… First, biggest, best or different ?


Make your choice and ensure that your product launch story is congruent.


These are the only four positioning statements available to you.


“First” means you are on the cutting edge with a new and innovative solution to that old challenge. You are the market leader.  Amazon can rightfully claim to be the “first” to sell books on line – and much else besides. They also happen to be the biggest.


“Biggest” is a verifiable statement to make.  Getting here takes time and prolonged effort not to say drive and determination to deliver exactly what your customer is looking for more efficiently than anyone else. Being big means that you have an extended reach and will attract clients who are looking for that economy of scale.


“Best” is a hard one to prove. Using testimonials from your customers to back up that statement will help. Be specific… The best what? Customer service? Prices? Value for money?  Best means that you try a little harder (like Avis) and that go that extra mile.


“Different” is the best place to be. You are unique. No one else does it like you. You stand out like Apple. They started out by emphasizing how different they were. Some of that difference is still there but when you move towards the mainstream, that original difference can become the new normal.


A product launch is probably the most effective way of combining two or more of these statements. For instance, choosing to be ‘different’ might also make you the ‘first’ but not necessarily.


And another thing

When getting yourself launch ready, having a clear long term goal in mind will give your product marketing strategy a structure in which to work.


Your first launch will allow you to optimize your sales funnel. Your second will allow you to sell to a bigger market segment. Your third will be for version 2.0. Your fourth will maximize your return on your investment and so on…


Always plan a series of launches. Each one will strengthen your position in the market place.


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Rory Ramsden