Facebook in The Middle of New Product Launch


Have you noticed?


Facebook are in the middle of a product launch and everyone is talking about it. In fact the rumor mill is in overdrive in the run up to the big announcement which is going to take place at an invitation only event in NYC. The first ever Facebook Marketing Conference will be live streamed! (Details here.)


This is not only reminiscent of the marketing strategy used so successfully by Apple inc. It’s almost a carbon copy right down to the ‘inadvertent’ slip made by Coca Cola who are supposed to be testing the new timeline now.


Thanks to Mari Smith, we have the evidence…

Product Launch Evidence


There’s a change coming in Facebook business pages. The new Timeline is coming to a business page near you.¬†Mari Smith wrote a post on it here with an image of what Coca Cola’s new one could look like which is below

Coca Cola Business PageIf you stand back and watch the product launch roll out over the next few days, no doubt you will see the buzz building as we get closer to launch day. Take notes. These guys know what they are doing. Facebook have been careful to seed the social media universe with snippets of overheard conversations. These act like oxygen for the fire they are stoking up.


By the time ‘Zuck’ walks on to the stage to launch his new product in front of the the privileged few in the audience, the whole social media world will on the live stream watching.


So what can you do about it?


#1. Read this post from ‘SimplyZesty‘ which lays out how you can prepare for the big day

#2. Take notes. This is a classic social media product launch which you can adapt and use in your own business


Mark Zuckerberg has a track record of making big changes and disrupting the status quo. I’m sure that this will be no exception, only this time he has an IPO in the works so this product launch is even more important. The big brands have got to ‘like’ the offer and buy into it big time. Hence the behind the scenes testing with Coca Cola and no doubt a few other big names¬† as yet unknown


How will your Apps be affected?


Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think is going to happen…



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Rory Ramsden