Don’t Waste Your Time With A New Product Launch

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To boost your chances of product launch success and get your product launch ready, you have to ensure that you launch your new product into a market with 3 key attributes

  1. Desire
    The people in your niche have a burning desire to get rid of the pain they are suffering. Such a desire in fact that they immediately ‘get’ how your product will bring instant pain relief just as if a magic pill could cure a migraine
  2. Motivation
    They are motivated and want to find a solution to their problems. An animated niche within a niche is one that will get excited about your product launch. Starting the launch conversation, Engaging your audience and building anticipation will come naturally.
  3. Money
    Above all they must have money and be prepared to spend it. This will not be the case in 80% of your market. Before you invest time and effort, make sure that the people in your niche are prepared to take their credit cards out and use them

Here’s what Seth Godin has to say about the challenge of developing a product that matches what the market is looking for, and more importantly, that aggressively focuses on people with the desire to buy it…

Which is precisely what most marketers large and small are not doing right now.

“… Many marketers I know have a great idea for a product or service that will target a segment of the market that doesn’t know to look for the great idea. For example, you might want to sell a better, easier to use hatchet for women. The problem is that women, long accustomed to never being able to find an axe that they’re comfortable with, have given up looking, perhaps several generations ago.

Alerting a market segment that isn’t looking is a thousand times harder than activating a segment that just can’t wait for your arrival. Since it’s your choice, since the segment is up to you, why not pick one that is itching for you to show up?”

Words of wisdom to be sure and ones that you should take careful note of if you want to make your new product launch a success.

Right now you’re probably sitting there saying…

OK, OK, Enough already… Tell me how to be sure that I’m not wasting my time

Product LaunchAcid Test #1

How many advertisements are appearing in Google. Which segment is attracting the most ads? How much are these folks paying to appear in the top 3 PPC positions?

Product LaunchAcid Test #2

Using natural search results, analyse your top 5 competitors. What keywords are they using? Which are common and Which are unique? How many search results are returned

Product LaunchAcid Test #3

Become an affiliate for the top 5 products in your market and see which one sells best. Buy them and ‘look under the hood’. Find out what all the fuss is about.

This will tell you whether the segment is itching to buy or just made up of time-wasters who are just looking. It’ll also help you position your product. In the process, you will build your list and find out which lead magnet resonates the best so this is money well spent.

Developing your “Big Idea”. The one that strikes your competitors where they are weakest and the market where the desire to buy is the strongest is worth spending time on. After all, if you get this right then your product launch is going to be a success because you will have the right marketing strategy

You just have to get yourself launch ready then refine and optimize your sales funnel until you have a well-oiled marketing machine.

BUT if focused your product on a market segment where there are no buyers,  the quality of  your marketing machine is irrelevant. Your product launch will be a waste of time. You will make no sales…

Which tests did you use to make sure that your niche is packed with motivated people with the desire to buy your product?


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