Planning Just One Product Launch?… Stop!

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You have to look further into the future than your next product launch when you’re planning a product marketing strategy. That way you’ll have a master plan and a context to check each decision you make against.
You can ask yourself … ‘How does this fit into my overall plan? Will it get me closer to my goals or is it just a distraction?’
Launching your new product just once will give you no chance to optimize your offer, your copy or your sales funnel. And those are just the first three key pieces of the product launch jigsaw that sprang to mind.

That’s why you should plan on doing a sequence of at least 4 launches

Here they are…

Product Launch #1 – The Seed Launch

This is where you get to ask the people in your core market to help you develop your product and grow
your list in the process. Drive traffic at a squeeze page promoting a teleseminar in which you may be talking to a well known  personality in your niche. The goal is to elicit as many questions as you can. These are nuggets of gold that will help you tune into the pain points experienced by your people.

Doing 2 or 3 of these will help you validate your market research and give you a firm base to move on to stage 2

Product Launch #2 – Beta Launch

The goal here is to get enough feedback on your ‘finished’ offer to make a value judgement on how you can make it better. If you have a nice fat conversion rate too that’s great but what you’re really doing is checking all your systems to
make sure that all is A1. Cold hard cash will come later. So segment your list of prospects and launch. Then survey that segment to get as much feedback as you can.

The fact is, you are not going to make a dime until you have optimized all your metrics and have glowing approval ratings from your buyers

Product Launch #3 – Internal Launch

Now you’re ready to rock and roll. Remember that cold hard cash I talked about earlier. You’re going to make 100% on the gross revenue with an internal launch. No JVs to share with. The goal here is not about making a ton of money.
You will have boosted your conversion rate during product launch #1 & #2. So now you can get hot and heavy. You need this to move forward. Your goal is a 10% conversion rate minimum.
By now, you should be getting emails and calls from potential JV partners and affiliates. Why? Because they’ll be on your list. Keeping a careful eye on how well you’re doing – like you did when you did your competition analysis. And you’ll have the proof you need to show them that they will make money too. So pick and chose. Quality counts here…

Product Launch #4 – External Launch

There’s no need to rush to get to product launch #4. You should have made plenty of money at launch stage #3 having repeated that a couple of times with a survey between each to help you refine your offer and systems. Launch stage #4 is massive.

It’s like doing 2 launches at once. The first to your launch prospect list. The Second to your JVs and affiliates. You can’t be distracted by tech problems or systems foul-ups. You will be fully occupied helping your partners launch your product to their lists.

So there you have it. 4 product launches in series that will build your business and make you the recognized expert in your niche. That’s pretty powerful…

But Let me ask you a question:

What’s the biggest asset that you have now ?

Money? No… That’s just a by-product of your product marketing strategy

Success ? No… That too is just a by-product of your product marketing strategy

Status? No … Just a by-product too

The answer is your list of recent buyers.

With this all doors are open to you.

Remember: You don’t build a list so that you can do a product launch… Quite the reverse in fact. You do product launches to build a massive list of buyers with whom you have a warm and friendly relationship. That’s where your true power lies.

In the end it is the list that makes you the most money – not your product just like Dan Kennedy says

There are at least two more launches that you can add to this list. The first will bring you a wind fall of revenue when you need it most and the second will ensure that your cash flow grows on auto-pilot.

Leave a comment below telling me what they are…


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Rory Ramsden