Do Your Prospects Really Believe in YOU?


Getting new customers for your product or service is simply a transfer of belief.  You have to help your prospects mirror your beliefs. A product launch helps that process to happen by turning that old long copy sales letter on its side and delivering it over 10-14 days. Your message and your launch story are delivered in tasty bite-sized morsels giving your audience the time to buy into you before the idea of a sale ever crosses their minds


For someone to buy into you, they must first…


  1. Identify with your core myth
  2. Find you a credible and trustworthy person
  3. Believe that your solution is the best one for them


They will judge you not only by your words, but by what you have achieved, and by the proof that you can provide by paying it forward and giving away something that they really value is so important. They see that you genuinely want to help them. In fact, giving away quick tips that help them get closer to their goal will allow them to prove to themselves that you are the real deal.


The buying process is not between an individual and a brand. It’s between an individual and a person representing that brand. It’s between two people. Never mind how powerful the brand, if the customer does not like the person they are speaking to, the deal will be very hard to do. They have to trust you


This is all about your credibility and your authority. It’s about providing displays of knowledge. It’s about your track record. It’s about providing proof that others just like them have succeeded too. It’s about making them feel comfortable and relaxed with you.


The key is to give them the time to assimilate all the signals they are receiving. Time to judge the reaction of other prospects by the comments they make on your launch blog. Time to convince themselves that your solution will work for them. Time to believe…


People don’t like to be sold to. They like to make their own minds up. And doing a product launch is designed to let them do that in a relaxed and ‘unsalesy’ way…



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Rory Ramsden