Do What You Do Best and Outsource The Rest

Product Launch ... Play to your strengths

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You would do well to heed Peter Drucker’s advice – Do what you do best and outsource the restwhen it comes to doing a product launch. Smart small business entrepreneurs know that if they are going to succeed then they must focus their efforts on the 20% of the tasks facing them that produce 80% of the profits.


Doing anything else is a waste of time and resources.


That’s why when you are working on your marketing strategy, finding out what your niche really really wants and positioning your product against your competitors so that it strikes at the segment where they are weakest is key. But, there is a third element to consider.


Look inward and do a SWOT analysis of your company or your own talents if you are a one man band. Play to your strengths and you will bring your full force to bear on the market. Do otherwise and you will be playing catch up forever.


There are a lot of moving parts in a product launch. You cannot be an expert in every single one of them. Are you a tech specialist who can stitch together a sales funnel in your sleep? Do you write compelling copy that boosts your conversion rate sky high? Or are you the expert authority figure who intuitively ‘gets’ what your market wants and knows how to give it to them in a form that they can easily consume?


If you had to choose, which of those three would you rather be?


The answer is a n0-brainer. You’d want to be the product champion, of course. That’s the guy who is the expert authority to whom everyone in the market turns in  their hour of need. That’s the guy without whom the product launch would never happen. The other two are just experts. Be he a tech guru or a wordsmith,  he would not be working on the project if you had not ‘seen’ the opportunity in the marketplace.


So take a leaf out of Frank Sinatra’s book. Sing the song. Don’t play in the band. Especially when it comes to your product launch.




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Rory Ramsden