Do I Need a List To Do A Product Launch ?

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There’s one guiding principle that you have to stick to through hell and high water and it’s this…

Focus on building email lists of prospects and clients whether you’re ready to do a product launch or not

They are your #1 asset. They can never be taken away from you. Having your own lists is like having a license to print money. They allow you to do a product launch at any time.

The classic quick launch is the ‘Fire Sale’. This takes 7 days from beginning to end.

Here are several reasons you can use…

  1. Your son ‘totalled’ the car and …
  2. Your daughter just announced her engagement and …
  3. The IRS just dumped a massive and unexpected tax demand on your doormat and …

Life is full of twists and turns. You can use any one of them as a reason to do a quick launch with built in scarcity. Just make sure that the reason you chose is genuine.

Bottom line, whether you want to do a product launch or not, you need to get yourself a list. It’s the ultimate security and profit point in your business.

Remember what Dan Kennedy saidYou don’t build a list to sell a product. You sell a product to build a list

And I personally believe that the best way to build a list is to do a product launch.

Then another

Then another

If you’re starting from ground zero, then you should start with a “Seed Launch” to get your list started…

The best thing about this type of launch is that you can ask your prospects to help you develop your product at the same time.

It’s a win-win situation.

If you’ve already got a small list and a product then do an “Internal Launch”

With this version of the product launch, you don’t have any affiliates. You just do one to your list. You keep all the money 🙂

And you build your client list – a client list is 10-15 times more valuable than a prospect list

And finally, there’s the “JV Launch” which can grow your list faster than ANY other list building strategy in existence.

One more thing

If you’re a bit stuck and not sure what the next move is, just give me a call – +1 (424) 238-0515 – or drop me a line. I may not be so leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap


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