Do a Product Launch With No Bullshit Social Media Marketing

No Bullshit Social Media Marketing

One of the key drivers of success in any product launch is the buzz and anticipation created around your pre-launch events. Your job is to build the excitement going into the LIVE event and to monitor the response going out. Staying on top of the conversation going on out there in social media land is very important. It will inform your decisions about the content to be included in the next event and tell you how you are doing.


Making changes on the fly to your product, your offer and your approach are all influenced by the response you get. After all, that is your message even if you think otherwise.


Any respectable product launch blog dare not show its face right now without having Facebook comments enabled. But there is a lot more to a good social media marketing campaign than this. The conversation may well be continuing elsewhere. On Twitter for instance. Just by going to you can search using hash tags or by @user to find what’s being said.


But that’s just one property, so how do you find where your prospects are hanging out


Well, it’s a 3 step process


#1. Download your subscribers list from your autoresponder


#2. Upload them in to your account


#3. Set up an account at and you will see all you need to about your contacts right inside your inbox. It’s a short step from there to Google + where you can set up a ‘circle’ and even a ‘hangout’ which might even be your next venue for a conference or teleclass

A word of warning… before you go ahead and do this, mail your list and tell them what you are planning. Those that are not comfortable with it can then raise their hands and you’ll have the buy-in from the rest.


Here’s a video of a conversation I had with Erik Deckers about his new book focusing on how to use SMM for business.


No Bullshit Social Media Marketing Video


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