Do a Product Launch And Become The Expert Auythority Fast

Product Launch Authority

Sir Martin Sorrell


Authority is worthless if you’re not seen as credible and you are not liked even on the most superficial level. Credibility is no use without authority or being friendly. Being friendly is great – But without credibility or authority… Who cares?


And yet, being seen as the trusted authority in your niche will build your business more quickly and more easily than anything else… You will attract more Prospects… They will be predisposed to listen to you… AND you will sell more stuff at higher prices


What you need is a tried and tested system that will not only build this triangle of trust but also make you money at the same time. That’s what product launch marketing is designed to do. It takes the traditional sales letter and turns it on its side to deliver a very similar message over 10 to 14 days.




In the momentum building phase, you cage your sales message in favor of giving away valuable advice for free. Solving people’s problems like this makes their lives better and build their faith in you. Remember, that at this stage your prospects have no clue that you have a product launch in the works. They’re just getting free advice and loving it


As always, it is the ground work that you do that will pay dividends later. By first focusing on your prospects pain and making sure that they get closer to their goals, they prove to themselves that your advice works. This is the most powerful form of proof. It builds excitement and makes them pre-disposed to listen to you


Engaging people in advance likes this sets up the whole launch sequence that is to follow. They are ready to listen. They have temporarily suspended their disbelief. Their guard is lowered.


Your product launch is launch ready. All you have to do now is press the ‘Start’ button…



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Rory Ramsden