Dissecting a Sales Letter: Make That 12 Easy Pieces Not 5

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In my last post, I gave you the 8 point checklist for hiring a copy writer for your launch. Today you get the 12 easy pieces that together make up your sales letter.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your product launch sequence is entirely video based you won’t need a script. In fact, it’s just as important if not more so that you hit all the following points concisely.

The 12 Easy Pieces…

1. Pre-Headline, Headline & Sub-Headline – The call out followed by the big promise and the super specific value driven benefits

2. What’s in it for you – Get straight to the point. In fact this is a list of bullet points

3. Benefits – Expand on those benefits and relate them to the audiences top pain points

4. Your Story – Your story should mirror the pain and frustration that your audience is having to deal with and explain how you come to be making this offer.

5. Top Pain Points – Go back to those pain points – a bullet list – again and empathize with your audience about the heartache that they cause and the joy you have encountered since you found the solution

6. Social Proof – The best proof is proof provided by 3rd parties… Your audience doesn’t have to take your word for it

7. Your Offer – Make your offer. Plain and simple. But make sure that the whole bundle is tightly focused.

8. Guarantee – 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

9. Risk Reversal – You get to consume the product for a whole 60 days. Put it to the test and get results. If for any reason or even for no reason you want your money back, then contact customer support – insert email and phone number – and you’ll get a complete refund in 24 hours.

10. Ask For The Sale – This is where most marketers blow it. They start to mumble and procrastinate. Don’t come straight to the point in a relaxed and natural way. Tell your customers how much and how to pay. Finish with a call to action

11. Scarcity – No offer whether it’s online or offline is complete without a reminder that there are only limited supplies so they should buy now to avoid disappointment

12. The Post Scripts – Remind people of the offer, the benefits and quick and easy way to get results. If you cannot pack it into one PS then use a PPS

It’s important to remember that your sales letter or script should not be packed with ‘brainless’ hypey language. Use active verbs. Reduce adjectives to the minimum. Make every word count. And use the language that your prospects expect. That way your product launch story will resonate. It will be powerful because it pulls the mental triggers.

And another thing

Your audience will have their BS meters tuned to the max. Any attempt at vacuous hype and they’ll be gone. Instantly. Keep it real. Keep it relaxed and above all keep your product launch on track by consistently focusing on the pain points and the benefits you can deliver.

Above all aim to under-promise and over-deliver. That way you will be creating long term customers.

If all that makes sense but you’re not sure how to put it altogether or indeed you’re having trouble keeping your product launch on track, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and tell us where you’re stuck…


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Rory Ramsden