Digital or Hard Copy? Will The Buyers of Your Product Actually Consume it?


Some of you might say “Who cares? They bought it didn’t they? Whether they actually consume it is not my problem”


Wrong attitude, my man, wrong attitude


I hope that you’re in business to deliver real value to your market. You should be or you won’t have a business for long.


I was talking to a potential client the other day about a possible product launch. He had done his research. He knew what price point was selling best in the internet marketing space. He had come up with a new product and was pitching hard to get JVs on board.


Problem was that he was determined to deliver his ‘big box product in a big box by snail mail.


Just imagine for a second, that you have just dropped more than $1000 or more on a shiny new all singing all dancing internet business building product only to be told that you’ll have to wait before you can get started. Bit of a turn off really!


Now re-run the movie and imagine that your buyer can instantly start to build his business because you have built a warm and friendly members area where the whole course is instantly accessible. No waiting and no hassle.  He can start consuming there and then.


So is the day of the hard copy product over? The answer is a conclusive “NO”.


Build it into your offer as an upsell. Some of your prospects may feel happier with something that they can feel and touch. Remember however the number of buyers who never take the shrink wrap off their purchase. You must do everything you can to ensure that your product gets consumed. That means that you have to deliver instant gratification. Two days waiting for the postman to deliver the product just won’t cut it any more.


Your key goal as the product owner is to convert the maximum number of prospects into buyers. The more value you can deliver the better. The more you can surpass your prospects expectations the better. Your price point is part of this equation. Its all to do with putting together a crushing offer.


You may have shed blood, sweat and tears creating a killer product but if no-one actually consumes it, you’ve wasted your time.


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Rory Ramsden

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