The Most Undervalued Service In Your Business is…?

Customer satisfaction is  your ultimate aim or it should be… By necessity, you spend time focusing on product development and product launch marketing but do you spend as much time as you should on ensuring that your customer support team is well trained. The reason I ask is because I have just spent 8 weeks experiencing what poor customer service really is.

All I needed was for a faceless but monolithic telecoms company to connect a telephone land line to my new house!… In the 21st century, this  must be a simple job. Right?

Each Time I called, I was greeted by a different but equally ineffectual and charming company rep whose only concern, it seemed, was to pass the problem to someone else as quickly as possible. The concern was not for the customer or how that customer viewed the situation but how the customer fitted into the company way of doing things. Customer service involved the customer chasing from one department to another trying to find the responsible person not the other way round. The company was in fact a passive amorphus mass that reacted rather than being proactive.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is how quickly you rectify them that matters. Clients prefer to deal with a customer service department that is…

a) Proactive [ calls/emails you back with the solution] b) Takes ownership of your ‘problem’
c) Sees the company through the clients eyes
d) Is well trained to deal with FAQs and knows where to find the answers to the more unusual ones

If your clients feel that they are dealing with such a customer support team, they relax and trust you to help them – my experience was quite the reverse – Once the original question is dealt with you have an opportunity to extend the conversation… to up-sell them in fact.

Your customer service team should therefore be viewed as a profit centre and not an overhead

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