Create it, Tag it, Enjoy it, Say it, Shout it, Push it…

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Here’s a Nike Case Study. Short and to the point, it’s full of good advice for anyone starting a small business on line or off. The key is to get outside your comfort zone and test to see what works for you.

Sure you will have failures but they are only bumps on the road to success. If you’re not making mistakes then you are not learning anything new.

So here is the 12 point brand building plan in the Nike Case Study

1. Create it: Not everything you create needs to be a production… Just Do it

2. Tag it: Make sure to label, tag or categorize your content… Use ‘money’ keywords

3. Enjoy it: Creating content doesn’t have to be the arduous… Open your mind

4. Say it: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind… Controversy grabs attention

5. Shout it: Spread the word… Make sure everyone knows it

6. Push it: Get outside your comfort zone… It’s the fastest way to learn

7. Bite it: Don’t be afraid to bite it… Take calculated risks

8. Perfect it: Learn from your experiments… Failures are only bumps in the road to success

9. Believe it: Trust that you have the knowledge and ability… A one eyed man in the land of the blind is King

10. Face it: Inbound marketing is a must… This is the way for smart small business owners to compete cost effectively

11. Live it: Make creating & sharing content, part of your company’s culture… Become a source of Invaluable knowledge

12. Love it: Everything above will add up to a greater awareness of your brand… And build you a valuable asset

One of the smartest things to do when starting a small business is to look for marketing inspiration from the big brands. After all they will have done the research and testing already.
If it works for them then it must do the same for you.
Imitation, they say is the sincerest form of flattery.
Imitate the actions in this Nike Case Study and they will make perfect business sense too.


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Rory Ramsden