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Do You Trust Your Friends?

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To connect with your audience, you have to build trust.  To build trust, you first have to establish a conversation. To start a conversation, you have to ask a question. To deliver value, you have have to listen.  This is the process by which you connect your product launch to success.

To deliver value you have to understand and empathize with your audience.

Start out with the intent of delivering value to your prospects. Your product, bundled as it will be into a killer offer, is just your means of doing this. It is not central to the process. It is just a factor that allows the process to evolve. A vehicle that lets you deliver the solution that your prospects are desperately seeking.

Many marketers get this all backwards.

They first start out with a product that they think that their market wants. Without stopping to think for a second, they fall headlong into the process of a product launch without being launch ready. Pulling levers here and there. Using all the tactics that they imagine will bring success. It’s all disconnected from the reality that is the market place so…

They are surprised when their product launch parachute doesn’t open.

Fundamentally, a product launch is just a delivery mechanism by which you provide value. To provide value you must first know what unique benefit you can provide that no-one else can.

Have you ever been deep in conversation with someone when suddenly a light bulb flashes on in your head. In a blinding moment of clarity, you have an idea. The solution to the problem. In that moment, it is so obvious that you wonder why it never occurred to you before.

That is the power of listening to your core market.

That is the moment when you can engage with your core group and explore the possibilities. That is the moment when you can bring them into the process of developing your product and establishing its ‘raison d’etre – Its core values –  That is the moment when you establish credibility and likeability.

Trust is sure to follow…

There … right there, the success of your next product launch is assured because you listened.


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Rory Ramsden