Case Study: The Hobby Product Launch

Hobby Product Launch

Hobby Product Launch


This is a simple case study about  how to do a $30,000 product launch with a $37 ebook in a hobby niche… A marketing newbie, a $37 ebook, and a product launch adds up to an opening day of $11,800.00 and a one week total launch of more than $30,000.00.


Case Study Name: The Hobby Product Launch


Who: Randy Pryor


Niche: Exact niche undisclosed, but it’s similar to crochet


Product: $37 ebook, digitally delivered.


First day sales: $11,800


Total launch sales: More than $30,000.00 in one week.


Additional Facts:


Randy is a newbie, but he has been studying marketing diligently. He purchased Product Launch Formula on October 21st, 2005.


Simpler is better, follow the formula (watch the video for the full explanation on this).


Randy followed the Product Launch strategy verbatim, including the checklists. Most of the emails he sent and the blog posts were taken from the swipe files.


Almost 100% of the comments posted on the launch blog were positive.


The launch boosted Randy’s relationship with his list (and he now knows exactly what to launch next).


– The market “responded as it was supposed to” (watch the video for the full explanation on this).


Just goes to show that it does not matter what your price point, doing a product launch will boost your sales beyond your expectations. The fact that Randy had tapped into his prospects attitudes and had a good handle on the challenges they faced is not something to be under-rated.


Now Randy is in a position to build on his first success and build out a whole series of launches each one building on the success of the last. Each one moving up the value staircase to boost ROI and build passive income.


The final step in this example would be for the Hobby Product Launch to be put on auto-pilot so that it repeats once a month. He knows it converts so he can afford to pay for traffic to squeeze onto his list




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Rory Ramsden