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Using product launch strategies to take your offline event online and boost your audience whether that be regional, national or international is all about building anticipation and buzz in the run up to the first day in just the same way as if you were launching a digital product on line.

I have just come back from doing just that at a high level one design windsurf racing event in Poland. We staged pre-event boosting online workshops using offline event participants. Then followed through with daily video reports about the racing and interviews with the key competitors.

The strategy of running pre-event online workshops provides a list building opportunity. The racers featured in each workshop mail their list; their sponsors do as well; they become the equivalent of affiliates or joint venture partners and are happy to boost their credibility.
The event shot up the Alexa rankings by 300,000 places in 10 days!

Future plans include streaming a daily ‘breakfast show’ using U-Stream video to talk about what might happen that day and answer questions asked by our online audience LIVE.

This strategy keeps the online audience involved in the conversation and encourages them to comment on the event blog. Prizes will be given away to the people who the panel consider have asked the best questions.

As Jeff Walker says it’s all about building the conversation and engaging with your audience.

Tell me what other buzz building tactics, you would use by commenting below…

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