Buying Cheap is Expensive – 11 Ways To Over Deliver

11 Ways To Boost Customer Loyalty

11 Ways To Boost Customer Loyalty


Buying cheap is expensive.


Your offer may satisfy your customer’s desire for short term gratification but pretty soon the sweetness of the purchase is replaced by regret and bitterness found in the unsatisfactory user experience.


These emotions become attached to your brand. You become indelibly associated with poor quality. Inevitably, your clients move on to buy from a competitor.


It becomes impossible to command higher prices. One product launch after another bombs in terms of ROI.


Here are 11 essentials to bundle into your overwhelming offer


#1 Originality


An innovative idea that delivers a solution faster and more effectively will command a higher price. Your customers will be happy to pay more and thank you for something unique


#2 Convenience


Ease of use is a key factor. If you make it easier for your customer to consume your product then they will pay more for it because of its higher perceived value


#3 Thud Factor


Building in more value by slicing and dicing your product and presenting it in different ways – Video, Audio, digital downloads, big box product – Customers who buy a Nike + product also get special access to a website that gives them special insights from soccer stars and their clubs.


#4 A Product Champion

Having someone – best of all you – who is recognized in your market as an authority figure will boost the value of your product or service


#5 Case Studies


Providing case studies showing customers who have achieved success, thanks to you, will add layers of social proof to your offer and boost visitor value


#6 Friendliness


Being seen as a friendly is a crucial element in the  triangle of trust that is essential before any big ticket purchase. People buy from people that they know, like and trust.


# 7 Transparency

Keeping your customer informed at every stage of their order is vital. They are paying good money so be respectful of that and be open and transparent. Much better to deal with the challenges you are facing and have your customer in-the-know than have them find out the ugly truth when its too late


#8 Special Access


People will pay  a premium for special access to you when you are seen as a trusted adviser. This should be seen as a privilege which is only open to a very few who have perhaps paid in full up front for instance. Flying first class costs 4 times what it does to fly ‘economy’. You get there at the same time but you are treated as someone special with a greater level of comfort. You can use the same principle in your business.


#9 The Fish Sandwich


The done-for-you service. You may view your product as the solution to the problem. It’s odds on that your customer may view it as part of the problem. It is after all another thing that has to be done before it will go away. Just say you have bought a self-assembly flat pack wardrobe from Ikea or some furniture store, before you can put it to good use you have wrestle with the impenetrable instructions 🙁


Having someone take that pain away from you is great especially if you’re like me and find DIY to be a black art that is impossible to master


#10 Clear and Simple


Having an unambiguous guarantee is essential. Added to a no questions asked risk reversal which states that your customers can have a refund for any reason at all or for that matter, for no reason is vital


#11 Customer Service


Providing an effective customer service experience that is empowered to take ownership of your customer’s problems and provide solutions makes all the difference.


There is a lot more to a successful product launch than having a crystal clear picture of your avatar pinned to your wall and knowing the weaknesses in your competitors marketing strategy. This is the ‘soft’ side to product launch marketing that a simple product release cannot hope to match.


And another thing


If all this seems to make sense but you don’t have the time to put it into action, check out the Platinum Marketing Coachservice we offer. It may the ‘fish sandwich’ you are looking for


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Rory Ramsden