Blast From Zero-To-Hero With No list And No Product

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Old style “Hope Marketing” used the scatter gun approach. New style product launch marketing uses wickedly effective reciprocation techniques to build buzz and engage with your audience. The goal is to quickly establish trust, authority and like-ability in your prospects minds so that they see you as their trusted adviser.


And you don’t have to have a list or even a product to get the process started.


What is essential is to carefully select a niche where the people have money and are prepared to spend it on a premium priced product or service because they can instantly see that the price pales into insignificance in comparison to the value you are offering

That said, here’s the 7 stage process


Stage #1: Verify that your selected niche really does have money to spend


You may think you have found the perfect niche but until you verify that as a fact, you are just driving by the seat of your pants. A dangerous strategy indeed when you are about to launch your online small business. So identify the keywords that your top 5 competitors are using. Then take a look in Google to see how many text advertisements each page of results is carrying. Next run some PPC Ads as an affiliate. If you make money, you’re onto a winner


Stage #2: Get instant expert status with some social proof thrown in for good measure


Now invite set up a series of teleseminars with recognized niche experts/authors. Simply by sharing the same airwaves some of their expert status will rub off on you. The more times you rinse and repeat this step, the more you will build your credibility.


Stage #3: Survey Your Audience

Every time your complete a tele-seminar, run a survey of the audience and see how you did. Find out if there are any questions that you should have asked. If necessary, offer an incentive to boost the number of respondents. The insights you gain will help you zero in your product launch on the real challenges your market is facing.


Stage #4: Squeeze Every Drop of Value


Make sure you record each session then set it up to run automatically at specific times. Drive traffic at a registration page and build your list on autopilot.


Stage #5: Do Your First  Beta Product Launch


Offer the complete set of recordings and transcripts to your list as your first product. This will ensure that your work so far is self-financing


Stage #6: Survey Again and then Optimize


Now run two surveys. One for the buyers and one for the fence sitters. You want to know what the buyers would really love you to add to your product to make it even better. And you want to find out what kept the fence sitters credit cards in their pockets.  Don’t forget to optimize your sales funnel based on the metrics and testing you have done.


Stage #7: Your Ready To Blast From Zero-To-Hero


Now you’re ready to take your product to the next level. Note that at every stage you have validated your results so when you do your next product launch, you will do so with a feeling of confidence.


That legendary marketer Dan Kennedy once said “You don’t build a list so that you can sell a product. You sell a product so that you can build a list” And come to think of it, if you follow his advice -which I thoroughly recommend you do – the list you build will be far more valuable.




Because it will be a list of people who will have already put their hands in their pockets, pulled out the plastic and bought something. That means you can sell them something else. In fact, they will be positively expecting you to do so. A buyers list is 15 times more valuable than a list of prospects


So there you have it. 7 simple steps to blast you from zero to hero and you don’t even need a product or a list to start with. That’s the power of doing a product launch marketing ‘seed launch


The key is to identify the 20% of the market that you are passionate about who have 80% of the money.


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Rory Ramsden