Be The Wizard Not The Lizard

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This one is all about you. Are you the genuine article or are you just faking it until you make it?

Are you a wizard who truly knows his stuff or a lizard who is just trying to cash in on a trend?

A wizard is in it for the long haul. His priority is to deliver value and build a business. He is truly congruent with his message. He can demonstrate a successful track record. He has third parties queuing up to provide proof that his methods work. His product launch will be a success

Are you an undiscovered wizard wanting to break into a new niche?

If so, you will be so well tuned in to your prospects’ hopes and fears that they will immediately ‘get’ the value of what you have to offer.  Your big idea’ will resonate because it will innovate. Disrupting the status quo in this way, will put you in a market where your competition will be scrambling to catch up.

A product launch will quickly position you as the go-to guy. The expert. The one everyone listens to. This is a powerful place to be.

A lizard is the other side of that coin.

Constantly rushing to catch the next big thing. Never differentiating himself well enough to stand up the competition.  And worst of all, unable to demonstrate a track record or identify third parties to vouch for his expertise.

We are in product launch season right now. As one shopping cart closes another one opens. But do not be distracted by these mega launches. You don’t need affiliates. You don’t need a large list. You just need to be an undiscovered ‘Steve Jobs’ with an ‘Ipad 2‘ up your sleeve and a story that resonates equally well with your market.

If you think that a product launch won’t work in your niche then you’re in for a big surprise. It will.

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Rory Ramsden