Baking Product Launch Marketing into Your Business




People say that a product launch is a tactic not product marketing strategy and at first glance they may be right but dig a little deeper and you will find that instead of having just one tool in your launch systems tool box, there are several and they can be adjusted to suit the product that you intend to launch.


This is not a one-size fits all type of process.


First you have to decide how best to deliver your product. I’m talking information products.


Will it be delivered in a big box? – If you decide to take this route then the most appropriate strategy would be the ‘rolling’ product launch where your shopping cart is open 24/7


WARNING – if you go down this route, you have to be 100% confident that you have fully optimized your product and your offer. Producing hard copies of your product costs money. They have to be ordered in advance. You have to carry stock.




Will it be consumed online and supported with weekly Q&A sessions? – Delivering online is best suited to the classic launch formula of closing your cart after your launch sequence so that you can focus on delivery and optimizing your offer before re-launching perhaps in 6 months time.


Either way, your business will have more than one product. Each one will sell at a different price and fit into your value staircase in a different place. They will all require a custom built launch strategy.


Which is where the evergreen product launch strategy comes to the fore


This works really well with…


  • LIVE webinars of between 60 and 90 minutes where you deliver valuable content and then pivot for the last 10 – 20 minutes to a pitch and finally lead your prospects to a sales page


  • Or a recorded your webinar – a video – which plays at pre-set times but follows the exact same process


  • Or when you have fully optimized a sales funnel and an offer – after considerable testing – and can almost put the process on auto-pilot so you have a perpetual product launch


These work best with traffic your are paying for either as Google Adwords or Facebook or media buys because the launch process can be repeated monthly or weekly depending on the volume of traffic being generated, the funding available and how that traffic converts.


These evergreen style launches appeal to JV partners because they will have no competition and will not have to add their own launch bonus to your offer. They know that converts because you have the metrics to prove it. But remember that you may have to wait for a gap in their schedule before they will run it.


Which is why an evergreen launch works so well with either paid traffic or with other lists that have subscribed for similar offers in your product range that you can cross-market to. Boosting your long term customer value in this way leverages every single cent you spend on traffic and ultimately means that you can outbid your competitors for the traffic that you really want


Baking your product launch marketing strategy into your business by using the full range of  launches available to you will ensure that you are proactively chasing leads and converting them into buyers then squeezing every drop of value from your those new clients.


These are advanced strategies. Don’t try and run before you can walk. Start with a seed launch and build from there.


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Rory Ramsden