Ascent or Descent ? Which Model Are you using?

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Are you trying to acquire a customer so that you can make a sale?


Trying to make a sale to acquire a customer?

Your best answer would be to say…

We are focused on doing both that’s why we use product launch marketing strategies

Let me explain

The Descent Strategy

This is where doing a product launch comes in. Essentially your front end product or service is a high ticket item. To acquire a customer you have to have created a triangle of trust in your market place – Credibility, Authority and Like-Ability – Without these, it is super hard to move your prospect across the threshold into the space where you find your buyers.

When you have acquired the customer, sold the high ticket item, the next sale you make to them is likely to be at a lower level. So that is where the descent comes in

The Ascent Strategy

This depends on making the first sale as inexpensive as possible – it may even cost you money to make – The barrier to entry to your customer space is therefore as low as possible. The important element in this strategy is that you are able to grow your customer list quickly and then move them up the value staircase in steady planned steps. So the price level increases as the customer’s comfort level increases.

Or Better Still…

Using both strategies in your business allows you to constantly refresh your list of buyers and have a range of products to suit all tastes. You build a broad base in your market just like the Ford Motor Company has done with specialist brands for each market segment.

You can do a product launch for a $47 E-book Quick in digital form. Then up-sell them to the printed hard copy book delivered to their door with a DVD inside the front cover stuffed with process maps and work sheets.

A smart businessman РLike You Рwill know that to endure you must have a range of products and a range of product marketing strategies to sell them. The product launch  strategy РUsually The Descent Model Рhas to be supplemented by the  ascent model where you can test and develop new products.


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Rory Ramsden