Are you Selling Benefits or Transformations?


Before I answer that question, it’s important that you understand how much the answer will boost your product launch ROI so let’s look at your offer and understand the following…


Every featureĀ  has a corresponding advantage


So if a feature of your product is that it is a 7 step system that helps your customers buy their first apartment building in 90 days, the corresponding advantage may be that the process you have to go through before signing the bill of sale will be smooth and untroubled .


And every advantage has a benefit…


So continuing with the same example, the benefit would be that you would now own an apartment block that would continue to increase in value on autopilot.


So when writing bullet points for your sales copy you should make sure that you structure each one using the Feature, Advantage, Benefit model knowing that the feature and the advantage will appeal to the logical side of the brain and the benefit will push an emotional hot button



Selling transformations take this process one step further


To do this requires you to have a very clear picture of your avatar and can therefore make a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison that genuinely show the transformation that your system delivers


So carrying on the example, perhaps you have discovered that the barrier that your prospects normally face when securing a loan is that they are unable to put enough collateral down to meet the statutory requirements but your system teaches them to overcome this problem so even if they have zero dollars of their own to invest, they can still boost their pension fund to $1m in 6 years.


So your headline might be…


Transform your retirement into a life of ease by building a property portfolio worth $1,000,000.00 in 6 years even if you have $0.00 to invest today using this simple 7 step system and a little known fact hidden in plain sight… AND never have to worry about finding new tenants


Taking the final step, from benefits to transformations boosts your product launch ROI by dint of the comparison but remember, every word that you use has to be true. The above example is purely hypothetical. I am not a property investor and do not own an apartment block BUT I’m sure that you understand the impact that selling transformations will have comeĀ  launch day.



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Rory Ramsden