Are You a Welcome Guest or a Pest ?

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When you go to your in-box, there are some mails that you just have to open because your business depends on them. There are other mails that you chose to open because you welcome the opportunity to read what they contain.

The rest just get binned. These are the pests you don’t have time for. Why?

Probably because…

– The sender has not taken the time to build a relationship with you


– He is just plain abusing the privilege of having you on his list.

He assumes that just because you opted in, he has permission to bomb you with one spammy affiliate offer after another.

Buying into the myth that “the money is in the list” without taking the time to realize that, if that was true, the guys with the biggest lists would automatically be zillionaires is patently false.

It’s all about the emotional bond that you have established with ‘your’ people. You are lucky to have them on your list. They are there because they believe that you can do something for them. Prove that you can.

There is an implied contract here. Don’t abuse it or you will be considered a pest.

When starting your product launch sequence, offer the people on your ‘house list’ the opportunity to opt-in to a new one. Your launch list. If they don’t chose to, then they are obviously happy with the existing arrangements.

That is the frequency that they receive your mails and the value that you are providing.

When doing a product launch, this will all change. You will be sending 3 or 4 emails per week. The theme of the content will be different. Giving people the choice is vital. ‘Your’ people are the ones to decide who and what they want to appear in their in-box.

Assuming anything different will destroy the relationship you have carefully nurtured.

Doing a product launch is a super effective way of strengthening this bond and positioning yourself as the key player in your niche. The success you have is based on knowing what’s going on inside the heads of your audience when they wake up in a cold sweat at four in the morning.

Bottom line

Treat your customers how you would expect to be treated.

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