A Product Launch is a Bonus Not a Business


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A product launch is probably the single most effective product marketing strategy you can use. Plan on doing 3 months turnover during the time your shopping cart is open even if things don’t go perfectly. But can you build a business on product launches ?

The answer is most emphatically YES

Marketers complain that product launches are becoming stale and overdone. They would say that wouldn’t they. Watching one launch quickly follow another in the internet marketing space may make you think that they are all too ‘samey’. But there is a whole world out there that has never been exposed to a launch.

People in the real world do not spend all day watching launches. They have to run their small businesses and earn a living by delivering exceptional value.  For them,  a well executed launch is a marketing strategy that they can build their business around.

That is not to say that an entrepreneur can just ‘cut to the chase’ and forget all the essential ground work.

These are the 7 simple steps you have to take before you even get to the pre-launch sequence

  1. Define your vision, core product and target market
  2. Complete a detailed analysis of your core customers
  3. Research the competition
  4. Define the unique mechanism that makes that competition irrelevant
  5. Agree a measurable goal for your product launch
  6. Create your core myth
  7. … and build a list

Now, you can start planning your sequence of launches. Never have it in your mind to just do one. Each one you do will be more powerful than the last. Each one will build your credibility and authority in your niche. Each one will allow you to refine your systems and procedures so that each one will make you more money, build your business and attract more business opportunities than you had previously thought possible.

After each, you will survey your new customers to find out what worked well and what didn’t. Use this data to tweak your product and spot opportunities to develop a new one. The power of the product launch is the conversation that you will have with the people in your core market. It is this interchange of ideas, constant feedback and reciprocation that will build your small business into a powerhouse capable of leveraging your expert knowledge.

So do yourself a favor and consider the alternative product marketing strategies you might use and which of these is capable of producing similar results before writing off a product launch as just a bonus…

Have you come up with any yet?

Then just for good measure consider

If you are starting a small business and want a proven strategy to market your products then why ignore the methods used by the big brands? They became so successful by using techniques that work. My best advice is that you do the same.


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Rory Ramsden