A New Product Launch: Take the Long Term View

a Big Product Launch Takes Time

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A new product launch is a major undertaking. Your credibility is at stake as is the hard won authority that you have built up in your niche market. To build up the maximum amount of buzz around your product in the shortest possible time,  there are tried and tested tactics to be employed. To be effective, you must imagine that you are planning a military operation so it is not something that you should take lightly.


Apparently, some people still underestimate the transformation that a successful new product launch marketing strategy can have on their business let alone the  long term success of their product. It has been known for a mega successful launch to bring in one year’s sales in one week. Such a new product launch is likely to make waves in your market, get you noticed and attract business deals to you that previously you would not have thought possible. The key is not to take a short term view by striving to boost your revenue. Rather position yourself and your products for future success.


Knowing this and appreciating that it is super hard to deliver a perfect product first time, do not strive for perfection. Just strive to make sure that your new product is the best in the market at the time you press the launch button. Be realistic, take a longer term view. Plan on a series of launches each one bigger and better than the last. Each time, you will learn something new, build experience and most importantly build up a reputation supported by metrics that demonstrate your sales conversion rates.


This data will help you to convince affiliates and joint venture partners that they will achieve two important outcomes if they promote your products

  1. They will make money
  2. The people on their lists will love them for introducing them to your ideas.


The flip side of the coin is that with new and exciting joint venture deals under your belt, your list of buyers will grow and grow as will your list of prospects.


So, make sure you have planned your new launch product launch down to the smallest detail. Ensure that you are giving away valuable content; creating a wish to reciprocate; building proof element upon proof element; establishing trust and like-ability and finally getting your prospects off the fence by making them an overwhelming offer that they would consider themselves mad to pass up.


One method many marketers use is to precede a big launch by a mini launch. This private launch will allow you to see how the different elements of your launch will work before they big day hits. A good way to start one of these small roll-outs is to send a mail to a targeted group from you subscriber list. If the response you get to this peremptory launch are poor, you will know that there are things you must change and you can address these before the real launch happens.


There have been many marketing professionals that have made a career out of the practice of up selling. You might have another product that compliments your current product that your buyers would be interested in. You can either offer this second product along with your main product or after they have purchased it. This will help you to sell two products and increase profits all round. The launch of a product can make or break the success of the product itself, which will directly influence your possible profits. If you do a good job with the launch, you will have laid the foundation for future success.



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