A Dirty Little Secret About Product Creation You Must Know

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Speed to Market


There’s one dirty little secret about product creation that you just have to know. It’ll help you assemble an overwhelming offer for your new product launch or add value to your pre-launch sequence


It’s this…


Before you waste time creating a new product, take a look at your hard drive and re-purpose  something you already have.

This is the fastest way to come up with awesome front end products, lead magnets and bonuses that will really resonate in your prospects minds


Here are 4 simple ideas to get a product done quickly


  • Interview an expert author in your niche
  • Do a seed  launch
  • Get a transcription done of a telseminar/webinar you’ve recorded
  • Edit a series of blog posts into a Kindle book
  • Make a series of screen capture videos from articles


This is a fast way of creating original content but remember to give any product you do create the following structure


  • Strategy


Start out with a clear overview and how it fits into your overall marketing strategy


  • Step-by-Step


Next break it down into a simple step-by-step process


  • Drill Down


Then drill down into each step not forgetting to give your customers the resources – cheat sheets, tools and check lists – that make their lives really easy


  • Examples of Common Mistakes


Pick out the common mistakes in implementation then show how others have used the process to profit wildly from your strategy. These should show how it can be adapted to different situations


  • Conclusion


Sum up the whole process and the tactics involved and finish with a call to action… “Here’s the first thing to do now… “


To add the ‘thud factor’ deliver the product in as many modalities as you can. That is text, audio mp3 files, video – screen capture is the quickest and most hassle free – and process/mind maps. These are  really good at presenting information in a graphical way and can be used as the basis for your screen capture videos.


Now you can do a product launch and get some quick money


Remember speed is of the essence. Set yourself what appears to be an impossible deadline and then go for it. You will be surprised at how much you can get done in the time.


And whilst your at it, make sure you have set up a short little email sequence in your auto-responder that warms up your list so when you’re ready to go into your pre-launch sequence they are already in a state of high expectation.


Leave a comment below adding to the list of fast product creation ideas. Let’s spread the love …



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Rory Ramsden