9 Tips For A Product Launch As An Affiliate

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Yes… It’s true. You don’t even need your own product. Doing a product launch as an affiliate is an attractive proposition. You get to ‘strut your marketing stuff’ with none of the hassles associated with delivering the product. Given a track record to be proud of and a warm and responsive list, you can even negotiate a super attractive deal. There’s a lot to be said for doing one.


Here are 5 things to watch out for


#1:  Ask for a review copy before you agree to promote


Satisfy yourself that the product and the offer offer value. Be honest. Would you buy it? If there is event the slightest doubt in your mind, pass. You have taken the time to build up your credibility with your core audience. Don’t blow it for a quick buck


#2: Does the offer dovetail into your long term strategy


Make sure that the offer is congruent with your own goals and relevant to the core problems that you have set out to help the people in your core market overcome. If not… Pass


#3: Will the publisher do a webinar for your list


Having the publisher agree to do a webinar for your list is one thing but if he wants to make it a pitch-fest without delivering content that the audience will truly benefit from… Pass


#4: Will he reciprocate?


Does he have a warm relationship with his list? The best way to establish this is getting the visitor value from previous product launches? If you are not convinced… Pass


#5: What’s his reputation in your niche?


Ask around. Do your due diligence. Don’t get in with the wrong crowd. Your business is at stake here so make sure you will get paid.


#6: Does the offer convert?


Can he prove it? If he is a smart marketer he will have done a series of small internal product launches to test and optimize his offer and his product. If he hasn’t, he may be angling to get you to be his guinea pig.


Given that you are comfortable with what you’ve found and you agree to promote to your list…


#7: Develop your own product launch strategy – it may well be that you can do a better job than the publisher is doing. So customize your landing pages, create your own pre-launch sequence and be clear where, when and how you want the publishers help


#8: Mail Early and Mail Often – Tweak the swipe copy provided – if any – so that it is in your ‘voice’ and uses the lexicon your people expect


#9: Create a Bonus – Based on your review of the product, build your own bonus(es) to support this affiliate product launch. Make sure it’s relevant to the offer and boosts its relevance to your audience


I don’t need to tell you that the key question is #6. If the offer converts and returns are low, you have found a the holy grail. Your job is to genuinely help your audience get what they truly want. Don’t lose sight of that fact when considering a product launch as an affiliate, whatever the short term personal gains on offer…



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Rory Ramsden