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7 Ways To Use QR Codes in Your Product Launch

Product Launch QR Code


In a friction free product launch you can reach out to all of your prospects
all of the time using email and text messaging.


Equally you can attract them to your launch blog by using QR Codes


Here are 7 ways of doing just that…


#1: Direct Mail

Send your snail mail client list a postcard giving them a valuable tactic to solve a common problem and telling them that they just have to scan the QR code on your card to get an even better one. When they do they’ll be taken to your video squeeze page where you can give them the killer secret…


#2: Social Media


Incorporate your QR code in your Facebook business page sidebar graphic then link from there to your product launch blog


#3: Video


Combine your ‘call to action’ with a closing image of your QR code at the end of your video. Video are easy to consume on a smart phone or Ipad so this is an ideal way to drive traffic


#4: Email Signature


Adding a customer signature to the end of your mails is an ideal way to integrating your product launch message into your day to day activities.

#5: Special reports

Integrate your custom QR code into the header or footer of any special reports you are producing so that you can drive traffic at an evergreen product launch that you know is relevant.


#6: Business Cards


SXSW has been doing this for at least a year or two. Why trade business cards when you can just scan them and get taken straight to the product launch page


#7: Promotional Material


Include a code in your company printed news letter, stickers, and proximity signage to allow your clients to access your product launch blog there and then


#8: Your Product Packaging


Integrate them into your product packaging, manuals, ‘Read this  first’ documents, quick start guides etc. In this case you should be doing all you can to make it easy for your customers to consume your product or service. The link could be to a video thanking them for becoming a client and providing clear instructions about what to do next.


Building your subscriber base by having quick links to an email signup box or having your QR code generate an email that starts an auto-responder series will build momentum for your own product launch


I’m sure that you can probably think of many more ways to integrate these codes in your marketing and in particular in your product launch planning. Doing so will ensure that you reach prospects that you would otherwise have missed.


And another thing


If you’ve come up with a great idea for incorporating them in your product marketing strategy or communications, or if you’ve seen one in the wild, please feel free to share it below.


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