7 Ways To Build Product Launch Buzz With Social Media Marketing

Use SMM to build buzz

Use SMM to build buzz


Whatever you say there is no getting away from the impact that social media is having on product marketing strategies. Be it a mega brand like Ford or a small local business, everyone is using social media in their marketing mix.


And so should you…


It’s ideal for building momentum for your product launch before you go into the pre-launch sequence.


Here are 7 tips on how to integrate SMM into your pre-pre-launch buzz building


#1. Strategy – Before you take the plunge, work out how you’re going to integrate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or FourSquare into your overall product marketing strategy.


#2. Follow Your  Crowd – This is the one time that I recommend that you do not strike out on your own. Start networking with your target market where they naturally tend to hang out


#3. Business Pages –You can create business pages in Facebook and Linkedin. You can now build a complete html site within Facebook so take advantage of this to the full


#4. Network Consistently – The more you engage with your crowd the better. Dedicate a 20 minutes to this everyday.


#5. Make use of RSS Feeds – Make sure that your blog posts get tweeted by taking your RSS feed and putting it through Tweetadder.com. It’s a simple step from there to integrate your Twitter account with Facebook and Linkedin


#6. Provide Valuable Content – In your peer group, there will be bloggers whose views and posts you respect. Share these with your followers and fans. They will remember you as being the aggregator of valuable content.

#7. Add a Personal Touch – DM and retweet the posts that your followers make. Make use of the messsaging tools in Facebook and Linkedin to share even more tactics and strategies.


You aim is to build up lists of engaged followers in the run up to your pre-launch sequence. Start as soon as you have settled on a niche. If you try  Facebook advertising -and you should – you can send the traffic straight to a welcome page and from there to a relevant affiliate offer.


This means that your advertising will be self financing and you can test offers to find the ones that resonate best with your market. This is valuable market research when you combine it with Facebook Insights.


Remember that social media is often accessed by people on the move so this will add another dimension to your product launch.


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Rory Ramsden