7 Email Marketing Tips You Should Know But Probably Don’t

Product Launch Email-me-button

Product Launch Email-me-button


Email marketing is an essential part of your new product launch. Your whole marketing strategy leans heavily on delivering great content to the subscribers to your launch list. There are some fundamentals to put in place to be sure that your emails are delivered successfully and not dropped into your prospects spam folders.


I will be giving you the low down in just a minute so you can get your email marketing campaign set up right away


There are a lot of autoresponder services so making the right choice is crucial to the deliver-ability of your marketing messages. Whether they be ‘set-and-forget’ or broadcast – in which you craft each email that you send one by one – To start with its probably best to broadcast your messages. Keeping a close eye on the open rates and click through rates will tell you what’s working and what’s not. Then you can incorporate these into your sequence


Anyway, lets get down to basics. Here are my 7 important tips


#1.  Under no circumstances entertain the idea of hosting mailing software on your own server


#2. Be conservative to start with. The service you choose should work on the the K.I.S.S principle. [Keep it Simple Stupid!] Signing up for an over-elaborate service will mean you spend more time managing it than your email marketing campaigns


#3. Make sure that you sign up for a service that has strict policies on the importation of pre-existing email lists. You can then be sure that your double optin lists will not be tainted by a spammy list imported by someone else.


#4. Economical – To start with keep your monthly subscription rates cost effective


#5. Metrics – Your chosen serrvice should let you track how many of your mails get opened (the open rate) and how many actually convert (the click-through-rate). Don’t get too caught up with the idea of list segmentation to start with


#6. HTML and Text emails – The software should allow you to send both text and html messages. You need the flexibility because one may work better in one market than another. Do your own testing.


#7. Response Rate- As soon as you press ‘send’ the message should go. This is not always the case when broadcasting an email. Most autoresponders claim that there is no delay but when there is a lot of traffic to send, your time critical email may get stuck in a queue


Warning: Be very careful which service you use for your product launch email campaign management, the decision you make could have a long term impact on the profitability of your business. Do your research well. Don’t be afraid to ask searching questions. There are two we always recommend and they are OfficeAutopilot.com and Aweber.com  – and NO those are not affiliate links –


Their services are tailored to different audiences. You can integrate office autopilot into your WordPress blog and much more besides so check that out first.


If you have a product launch planned in the next six months, the best way to pinpoint the weaknesses in your launch strategy is to get a fresh pair of eyes to look it over. Just talking to someone about it will bring things into focus and pay massive dividends on launch day. We offer a FREE product launch evaluation service to help you get your product to the launch pad.  Contact us now to find out more.


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Rory Ramsden