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6 Ways To Fine Tune Your Product Launch

Listen To The Conversation

Listen To The Conversation


The message you give is the reaction you get


What matters is your customer’s perception. Your product launch has to be finely tuned to the exact wants and desires of your audience.


Here are 6 ways to make sure that it is…


#1: Survey

Every interaction creates a personal reaction. Surveying your customers  is vital to the success of your product or service. Listen to your sternest critics. If they care enough to complain, then what they have to say is important. It will help you to optimize your offer and your product.


#2: What’s in it for me?


That’s the only question in your prospects heads. They don’t care about you or your product so make it as easy as possible for customers to engage by answering their number one question


#3: Listen To The Conversation


Don’t just broadcast, listen. Hang out where your customers hang out and listen to the conversation. By doing so, you will mirror not only their concerns but their language too when you finally pick the moment to join in.


#4: Be Congruent


Everything you and your team says must be aligned. They must buy into your value proposition before your customers can. Your audience will sense it if they don’t.


#5: Incentivize


Being positive and acknowledging the comments made on your product launch blog encourages your audience to join the conversation. Everyone likes to have their input acknowledged.


#6: The Damaging Admission

Building your credibility and expert status requires more than just layer upon layer of positive proof. It can all sound too good to be true.  Make sure you throw in the occasional damaging admission. Being self deprecating is  an attractive trait which makes you seem more friendly and real


The bottom line is that climbing inside your customer’s heads and joining in the conversation is down to the excellence of your market research. Get this right and your lead magnet, your product, your offer and your product launch will resonate and engage


And another thing


Getting yourself launch ready takes time. Don’t rush it. Be thorough


A fresh pair of eyes can often pick out what needs to be fixed a lot quicker than you can. How so? If you are the product creator, its hard to step back and take an objective point of view.


If you’re struggling, leave a comment below and tell me where…


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