6 Reasons Why a Beta Launch is Key To Your Success

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Many marketers are tempted to go straight for the big external product launch in the mistaken belief that this will be the fastest way that they can make a ton of money. They find out pretty quickly that they should have done a beta launch first to get themselves launch ready

Here’s why doing a beta launch is important, you will …

Test your sales funnel systems and remove the kinks in the fire hose

External support services – merchant account, fulfillment house, customer support etc – will have have working knowledge of the challenges that they may face

Build credibility with these very same services. Making them comfortable sooner rather than later should be a priority

Build a list of customers who have bought the product. Having third party advocates speaking on your behalf to future prospects is powerful proof that you system works

Optimize the program based on feedback from a small number of buyers

Doing a beta product launch will allow to test different landing pages, bonuses and even price points so that you have the metrics necessary to convince JV partners that they should mail for you

A product launch is a carefully planned and scheduled process during which you will position yourself as an authority in your segment of the market and boost your top line revenue beyond what you ever thought possible.

Doing a fully blown launch with all the bells and whistles is putting your valuable credibility and jeopardizing the long term future of your online business.

Your audience’s first experience of doing business with you will color their perception of you for ever. Make it a good one by over-delivering on value and under -promising on results.

Your clients will be prepared to buy from you over and over again. Those that did not buy will remain on your prospect list giving you a second and even a third opportunity to sell to. Your peer group of competitors will respect you and offer you business partnerships that will take your revenues to a whole new level.

That’s why doing a beta product launch has to be part of your marketing strategy. Ignore this advice at your peril.


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    Thanks for a
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    Brandon Lewis
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