6 Psychological Principles To Win More Sales

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The understanding of the science of persuasion is key to  product launch marketing. According to Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D there are the 6 psychological principles that direct human behavior and make people more likely to comply.

The science, and power, behind these principles of ethical persuasion lies in their ability to trigger an automatic response from people. When applied correctly, they create a positive response in the individual without him or her first giving that response more than just superficial  consideration.

Something, I’m sure you’ll agree that would be useful to apply ethically in your product marketing strategy

According to Cialdini, this automatic response is part social conditioning, part learned behavior, and part time-saving defence.

When faced with a decision we often rely on shortcuts — or cues — that clue us in on whether it would be more prudent to say yes or no. Little active thought goes into them.  We just rely on ‘past experience’ whether that experience proved successful or not. This saves time and effort not to mention the complex thought processing that is needed to accurately analyze the situation and make a truly informed decision.

It is by understanding these shortcuts and the science of persuasion that you can persuade people to act in the way you wish.

  • Reciprocation This first principle revolves around our early social conditioning.  If someone helps us or gives us something, we are conditioned to offer to something in return
  • Commitment & Consistency The power in the second principle is our desire to follow through with actions consistent with the first one in the process we have started. If we start to fill out a survey online, its odds on that we will complete it.
  • Social Proof – This is hard wired into us at an early age. If our friends did something daring like jump off a bridge into a river, we were more likely to do so because we did not want to be the odd one out. If we see others buying a product online, we subconsciously use this to justify our own wish to buy it – They can’t all be wrong, can they ? That’s why you  are more likely to comment on a product launch blog with lots of other comments
  • Liking According to Cialdini’s research, if we know and like someone, we are far more likely to do business with them rather than a stranger – This the power of doing tele-seminars and being seen on video during a product launch. Close to 95% of face to face communication is non-verbal.
  • Authority – If we respect someone, we automatically vest some authority in them. We believe automatically that these people know better than we do and therefore will look out for our best interests. This is the power of being seen as an expert in your niche when in comes to doing a product launch.
  • Scarcity This one preys on our fear of missing out on something we or others may perceive as highly desirable.  We don’t want to miss the chance of something that others might covet. A simple box of ordinary pens suddenly has a lot more vested in it if you, the buyer, believe that there aren’t any more like them available. The same is true if there are plenty of pens but they will only be sold at that low low price for a very short time.

According to Cialdini, automatic thinking — the single most important aspect to every one of these principles — is almost a necessity to everyday life. In a world where people are bombarded by new information, improved products and solutions, changing business demands and the need to constantly be up-to-date, they rely more than ever on the ability to pick up on one or two cues in order to make a quick and hopefully correct decision.

Hence the rise of social media phenomenons like Facebook… 500 million + people cannot be wrong can they ?

With an understanding of the science of persuasion and these 6 psychological principles of human behavior, you can effectively transform your ability to execute a powerful product launch.

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