6 Product Launch Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Here are 6 mistakes that you have to avoid at all costs if you want to make sure that your product launch is not dead in the water. You don’t want to feel like this guy —–>

  1. No Compelling Offer
    Mine your assets and strengthen your offer by bundling in more value. Take an existing digital product that you own, slice and dice it, change the format and re-focus the content so that it supports your core product. Add one-on-one coaching calls. Add a private workshop and your offer will start to look stronger. Before you go large with it, test it on a segment of your list and get feedback from them.
    Tip: There’s nothing like bringing a fresh pair of eyes to bear on the problem, that’s what a product launch manager can do for you.
  2. No ‘Big Idea’
    If you haven’t done the necessary competition analysis, you won’t be able to come up with a big idea that makes your product different. You should be able to express it in 140 characters or less and it must be unique to you. It has to express the core benefit of your product.
    Tip: If your product is the same as someone else’s, make it different by adding value. A done-for-you service for instance
  3. Not Laser Focused
    Developing a product that tries to please too many people at the same time means that it will appeal to no-one. If you are convinced that your product has multiple niche appeal, then do a product launch in each one in turn and laser focus it accordingly. This may mean that you wind up with 4 or 5 slightly different versions of the same generic product.
    Tip: Being seen as an expert will mean that you can charge more. How many different ‘expert’ branches of the legal profession are there ?
  4. No Core Myth
    Your core myth is all about why you are doing this product launch. Only it isn’t ! Confused? Don’t be…. Your launch story should focus on what wakes your up avatar – the people in your core market –  in the early hours in a cold sweat. The one fear/pain/frustration that they will do almost anything to get rid of. Your product is the aspirin that will take this headache away.
    Tip: We’re hard wired to respond to good stories. Your core myth is what gives your product launch structure so spend time on this
  5. No Engagement With Your Prospects
    This leads on from the last point. If your product launch story does not resonate with your people then they will not engage in your pre-launch process by commenting on your blog and providing you with that all-important social proof.
    Tip: The quickest and easiest way to start the conversation with your prospects is by doing a seed launch. You engage your people by asking them to help you create your product. This is the first product launch in your sequence.
  6. Falling in Love With Your Product
    This is a fatal disease. Because you created the product, you are very close to it. You find it hard to think about  it objectively. The result is that your sales predictions are based on your belief system rather than verifiable facts. You believe that your product will sell. You believe there is a need. 
    Tip: I’ve got news for you. People only but things that they cannot live without like things that will help them find love, earn respect, give them the attention of others , give them a sense of belonging…and help them become rich. Does your product deliver one or more of these must-haves?

If your next product launch is going to be an inter-continental ballistic missile and not a mere bottle rocket, your prospects must ‘get’ the value that it offers them instinctively. The returns – benefits –  that are on offer must far outweigh the risk inherent in buying your product.

What other product launch essentials would you add to that that list to ensure that you are launch ready?


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