6 Must Have Creative Ideas Your New Product Launch


So you’ve got a new product launch coming up and you’re looking for some creative ideas. Well, look no further because in this post I’m going to give you 6 must-have creative ideas that will get you off to a flying start.


You may have come across one or two individually before but it is the combination of all six that will power your launch ROI to new heights


Let’s dig in…


#1. Must Have Idea: Pre-Launch Scarcity  – You will certainly use scarcity on your sales page or indeed your sales video but have you considered using it much earlier in your pre-launch sequence to ‘train’ your prospects to take action on command ?


You will be moving the free line by giving away valuable tips that you know will work like gangbusters. If it resonates as well as you think it should, putting a deadline on how long it is available will drive people to consume it when you want them to.


This trains them to take action when you ask them to. It builds buzz. It drives  attendance at your LIVE webinar because you’ve already told your people that you will NOT be posting a recording later. They are there when you are or they miss out.


This is the power of LIVE events like the Superbowl. It only happens once a year at a very specific time. You either watch it or you missed it … Sorry


Using scarcity like this in your pre-launch sequence takes comittment and it takes confidence and it takes certainty. The certainty that you have a game changing offer that will take the market by storm.  Do it right and you’ll be strapping booster power to your product launch…

Gold Thread

#2. Must Have Idea: A Single Compelling Theme – Your pre-launch is not just a series of random events that you have thrown together. There should be a single compelling theme running through them like a golden thread.


Weave this theme into your launch story. Give it a beginning, a middle and an end. This three act play should take them on an emotional roller coaster by telling of the struggles that you faced and how in that one life changing moment you found the answer just like Jason found the golden fleece in ‘Jason and the Argonauts’.


This story mirrors the pain and the heartache that your prospects are challenged and frustrated by. It sets you apart because you are talking to them directly. You are expressing their hopes and fears. This is powerful because you have put your finger on how they feel. They know they have found a friend. They are happy to join your launch conversation and say so. They are transformed into passionate advocates for your cause. They are engaged in your product launch.

3 birds

#3. Must Have Idea: Self Deprecation and Humor  – As the product champion, you are the face of your launch.  You want to be the master of your subject. You want to prove that you not only know your stuff but that you can teach it too. But are you believable?


Being a conceited know all will just serve to annoy people.


Using humor to poke fun at yourself and showing that you are fallible just like everyone else is essential. It make you believable. It makes you likeable. It help to convince others that you are just like them and that if you can do it, then maybe there is hope for them them too


With this mindset, they are much more likely to put your powerful pre-launch tips into action and get results. This reinforces their belief, builds excitement and fuels enthusiastic comments giving you the added bonus of social proof to use in your next pre-launch event

Fire Hydrant

#4. Must Have Idea: Engage Your Audience – A conversation is a two way interaction. And that is what your pre-launch should be. You want to listen to what people are saying. Acknowledge their comments be they on your launch blog or on a  pre-pre-launch webinar. Get them involved. Seek their feedback either there and then by un-muting their mic or through a quick ‘How and i doing’ type survey.


Better still, Livestream events through your Facebook business page and invite clients, friends and prospects to join you. Finding creative ways to involve your audience in your pre-launch sequence, boosts their engagement, makes them feel that they ‘belong’ in your online community.


Find any way you can to showcase other people in your own product’s launch cycle. Let your audience be creators as much as customers.

NY Beach

#5. Must Have Idea: Commitment & Consistency – By getting a person to take action even in a very small way at the beginning of a sequence, you induce in them the desire to complete what they have started. They have made a commitment to themselves by taking the first action so there is an emotional need to be consistent


Psychologists know that the desire for consistency is a central motivator of human behavior, and the key to invoking consistency is obtaining an earlier commitment.


Here are a few examples:

  • Researchers performed an experiment involving the staged theft of a radio on a crowded New York City beach. Bystanders where overwhelmingly more likely to risk harm to themselves by chasing down the thief if the owner of the radio asked them to “watch my stuff” than if they simply witnessed the theft without the request and agreement.


  • Canadian psychologists found that people at the racetrack are much more confident that their horse will win just after placing a bet.


  • Likewise, polling shows that voters are more confident that their chosen candidate will actually be elected after they cast a vote for him or her.


Use this ‘hot button’ in your pre-launch sequence by asking your audience to take one simple action in your first pre-launch event. Give them a powerful tip that will help them get a quick and disproportionately large result. Once they have taken that one action, the next time you ask they are more likely to follow through. By building a sequence of such small requests into your product launch leading up to that final time when you ask them to buy, you are leaning on that central motivator of human behavior which is the desire for consistency

Hip Q

#6. Must Have Idea: Build Barriers –  The most popular boy in school was not necessarily the one who was best liked. He set up barriers round himself and only let the ‘cool’ kids into his circle. This sense of exclusivity made others want to be a part of his hip crowd too.


Everyone who is anyone wants to be seen in the hippest club or the smartest restaurant. Being on the inside of the red velvet rope says something about them. It builds their self esteem. They ‘belong’ in a place that is not open to one and all.


Those outside look enviously on. A queue forms. People will wait for hours to get in.


Build this sense of exclusivity by tightly focusing your emails and marketing messages on the one person who is your ideal client. Make him feel special. Make him feel part of the in-crowd. Your product or service was designed exclusively for him.


Tell him who are the ‘excluded’. The ones on the wrong side of the red velvet rope. Leverage this feeling of belonging to appeal to people’s irrational desire to join in. This will create buzz around your product launch and get people talking about it


Conclusion:  The clutter and noise in your market is becoming hard to cut through. But don’t let that be an excuse for why your own product launch doesn’t live up to expectations. The responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders. Who says your launch has to be a me-too clone? Disrupt the existing pattern in your niche.


Implement these psychological ploys to make not only your offer, but your product launch sequence itself, something that your community wants to talk about…


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Rory Ramsden