Product Launch: 6 Hidden Assets To Leverage To The Max

Your Ideas Are Your Hidden Assets

Your Ideas Are Your Hidden Assets


Your product launch is designed to build audience anticipation leading up to launch day by delivering free content that helps your prospects achieve something straight away.



Each time, they get results for themselves using the methods you teach in your pre-launch sequence, their trust in you and their desire to consume more of your product will be increased until the excitement peaks



Now you give everyone a sneak peek behind the velvet curtain.



It is a critical moment. What you reveal has to exceed their expectations. To do this, leverage your hidden assets to the maximum to put together the most compelling offer possible.



An Offer That Converts

The value-to-price-to-risk ratio has to be stacked in your customer’s favor so much so that you feel you are getting the short end of the stick. This will take you out of your comfort zone, for sure.



Here are 6 assets that you may not have considered fully enough…



#1 Your ProductTell people exactly what they’re going to get in as much detail as you can. Then grant special access to the members area so they can see with their own eyes the quality of the support you will provide. You could even make 2 or 3 fast start lessons LIVE.



#2 Your Track Record –  Having some big name clients will give you substance and act as social proof



#3 Case Studies – Invite existing clients who mirror your avatar as closely as possible to act as case studies for the effectiveness of your product or service.



#4 Special Access – Making yourself available to special clients is a powerful attraction.


#5 Master Mind Groups – Set up master mind groups so your clients can work together and support each other


#6 Resources – Provide tools that will make your product easier to consume.



Creating a killer offer is essential if you want to maximize the return on your investment during your product launch.



Affiliates will be attracted to you like bees to honey if they know it converts so your aim is to boost visitor value.



Don’t expect this to happen overnight.



Be prepared to test, test and test again to ensure that you have your bundle laser focused on the biggest frustration felt in your market.


And another thing


Do not rush to market. Do a small internal product launch to start with to a small segment of your list.



How many more hidden assets can you think of ?


Leave a comment below and tell us what others you can add…


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Rory Ramsden