6 Golden Keys To Product Launch Success And No Hassle

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You can use a product launch strategy to sell almost anything online, offline or using mobile technology. The principles are the same whichever delivery method you chose to use or market you wish to target, be that local, regional, national or global. The strategy works for physical products or digital or a combination of both.


I even use the principles to build buzz and anticipation in the lead up to events


It doesn’t matter which niche you’re in either. The strategy will work because it is based on connecting you with the people in your core market and engaging them in your product launch sequence. Your “launch” will build momentum and create anticipation and excitement. In the process it will position you as the trusted authority and pre-qualify people to be ready to buy your product or service.


Here are the 6 golden keys to product launch success…


#1. Develop Your Strategy A strategy is different to a plan. A strategy has a measurable goal. It is the ‘Why – the reason- for your project’s existence’ and the ‘What you want to achieve’. A plan is the ‘How you are going to achieve it’. So start by developing a clear strategy and setting one major measurable goal. It could be that you want to do double your monthly revenue in the 7 days your launch is on. That is a very easy thing to measure. But there are a lot more goals that you may think are just as important. You have to decide what’s in it for you


#2. Narrow Your Niche – You may think that you have a product that the whole world should want to buy. But if you try to be all things to all men, you are doomed to failure so narrow your niche to appeal to the core audience with the most money and the strongest emotional reason for buying. These are the guys who will immediately ‘get’ the value in your offer and see how it will transform their lives.


#3. Core Concept – Using the Feature, Advantage, Benefit Principle, make a list of all the features your product or service possesses. For each feature, there is an advantage and a benefit so complete your list by adding the corresponding advantage and the ultimate emotional benefit to the end user. So you may have bought a new camera which is light and easy to use. Those are features. The advantage is that you can take it with you everywhere. The benefit is that you will be able to capture your son’s first goal at soccer practice and keep that memory with you for all time. Your core concept is your strongest benefit. That is your USP – Unique Selling Proposition – too


#4. Be Different, Original and New – Jumping into a crowded market place and shouting ‘Me Too’ is akin to all those computer companies trying to compete with  Apple’s Ipad and failing dismally. They are selling an inferior product that is in no way different and offers nothing new and original. Learn this lesson and determine to set yourself apart by offering something different that addresses a real challenge in a niche within a niche. You will then be the biggest and the best because you are the only one in that niche.


#5. Play to Your Strengths – Bringing your core competence to the market is simply a matter of adapting your expertise to help your target audience get what they want. They don’t give a fig about what you know. They are only interested in what you can do for them. In doing, so you are making their lives easier and more fun. So don’t hang out your shingle saying ‘Certified Accountant‘. Change it up and write ‘Small Business Accounting Specialist‘ Then your target market knows that you are there to help them.


#6. Use the Judo Principle – The judo black belt is expert in using his opponents power, strength and momentum against him. You must use this same principle to get a foothold in your market. So there are two parts to your market research. One is to discover a real challenge, pain or frustration that you can solve for people with money who are willing to spend it. The second is to position yourself using the ‘Judo Principle’ so that you give yourself the best chance of success. And then, when you have completed your first product launch, use the “Judo Principle’ again by stacking one launch on top of another to gain the maximum leverage and boost your prices and your ROI


The rest is about choosing the right platforms and tools to deliver your message to your core audience at the most appropriate time. Without these 6 essentials being in place first, it really does not matter that you  subscribe to the latest and greatest automated webinar service. It might be a great service but it will be  useless to you.


A product launch is all about you and your connection with your audience. If you don’t ‘get’ this, there is nothing a product launch manager can do for you. He, we, can do a lot to boost your ROI by fine tuning your launch vehicle and your message but if the fundamentals are not there, we are wasting our time… and so are you


If you have a product launch coming up in the next 6 months and want to make sure that your marketing strategy is ‘on the money’, we offer a free 60 minute one-to-one launch evaluation. It costs nothing but your time and will pay big dividends come launch day. Book a time that suits you now…



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