6 Attention Grabbing Ways To Tweak Your Headlines…

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How well do you know the people in your core market?

That’s a key question. The better you know them the more skillfully you will be able to climb into their skins and push their hot buttons. Probably the best way to find out more is to ask your clients/customers to complete a short survey. if you’re just starting a small business, then market research is the key to your success.

Your product marketing strategy has to be as laser targeted as you can make it. This is not something you do once and forget. Getting to know the people in your core market is an on-going and never-ending mission. The more you know the more successful you will be. Just imagine being able to boost your conversions by simply tweaking your marketing message so that it effortlessly pushes your people’s hot buttons…

But first you have to grab their attention.

Here’s what David Olgilvy has to say on the subject…

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. If you haven’t done some selling in your headline, you have wasted 80% of your money. The wickedest of all sins is to run an advertisement without a headline.”

So your head line must grab the readers attention and make them want to read on..

Easier said than done?

How To Do It: Use these simple rules to construct your headlines. In doing so, cut out the adjectives and use  powerful ‘action’ verbs…

  1. What’s in it for me ?
  2. Juxtapose seemingly incongruent elements
  3. Make it compelling
  4. Every word must earn its place
  5. Be  specific
  6. Capitalize the first letter of every word

Here’s an example: Surprise and unexpectedness combine with an incongruent element  to shock the prospect into wanting to know more… “How does an out-of-shape 55 year old golfer, crippled by arthritis & 71lbs overweight, still consistently humiliate PGA Pros in head-to-head matches by hitting every tee shot farther down the the fairway?” – John Carlton

Now let’s analyze that:

  • The first part is a laser targeted description of the people in the core market so it immediately resonates with the reader
  • The second represents every golfers ambition so it answers the “what’s in it for me?” question
  • The whole headline is framed as a question… If you are asking questions, you are controlling the agenda. The natural human reaction is to try and answer it.
  • John uses specifics by giving the exact age of the golfer and by how many pounds he is overweight. The reader may be less so but this only makes the headline more compelling

Copy-writing is a vital part of your product marketing strategy. Weak copy cripples conversions. What could have been an inter-continental ballistic missile of a new product launch turns out to be a bottle rocket. So it’s back to square one. Thorough market research, knowing your prospects as well as you know your best friend, is the foundation on which any successful launch is built.

The trend is to scrap the old style long copy sales letters in favor of video. But don’t be fooled into thinking that headlines are somehow less important. Every word in the video script has to earn it’s place just as it did  before only now, you have to be able to deliver those words in a natural friendly way as well.

So whether you have the best product marketing strategy or not pales in comparison to the quality of the words you use and how well they resonate with the prospect.


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Rory Ramsden