5 Tips For Writing Product Launch Powerful eMail Copy


To do a successful product launch you want to think in sequences. When you look a little further, a launch is a sequence of sequences.  The #1 sequence is your 3 or 4 pre-launch events and supporting them are a number of email sequences…


How should you write those? What tone of voice should they be in? What’s the end goal for each sequence?


I bet you have questions like those or maybe even those exactly


I know I did. It’s hard to sit down and write a series of emails without knowing the answers. You want to have a strategy with a clearly defined goal. Your attitude has to be right. It will come through in your tone. People will read between the lines and make decisions about you as hey read. Just like you do when engrossed in a good book.


Let’s take those questions in order…


#1. How should you write? – Snap back to  your market research and imagine your ideal client. Don’t just create a picture of him in your mind’s eye. Conjure up a vision of what he or she wants to achieve. His goals. Is he fitness minded? Does he have a positive attitude to life? How does this manifest itself? Is he friendly?  Creating a list of attitudes helps you write in an engaging way.


My clients have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. They are marketing minded. And growth focused. They are friendly and they want to give the people in their community great value. They are good listeners and take action quickly to ensure that they move their businesses forward. They understand the value of giving great tips that will help their prospects succeed. That success is their prime goal. Not theirs. They know their rewards will come automatically when their clients achieve their goals

#2. What tone of voice should you use ? – The quick answer is that you should write how you speak. Imagine you have your ideal client right in front of you – pin a picture of him on the wall above your computer – Every time you sit down to write a series of emails, imagine that you are speaking to that client. Address the unspoken concerns buzzing round his head.


If you’re inviting someone to join you on a webinar or live training event and, in each email, focus on one powerful tip that they will take away from your event that they can put into action straight away and get quick results. That is. Don’t give them the tip straight out but tease them by hinting at how it will make their lives easier. You are aiming to arouse their curiosity. Make them want to know more.


Contrast this by reminding him of the fear that keeps him awake at night. That pain that he is aching to be rid of.


#3. What’s your goal ? – In the example above, it was to boost attendance to your training event. But if your auto-responder series is say, your follow up sequence to be sent to new subscribers to your product launch list. Your goal may simply be to ensure that each one gets massive value not only from the lead magnet that they downloaded from your success page but also going forward.


Goal setting gives you a clear direction of travel. Set one, then map out your route to it… Each way point is an email.  Each mail therefore has a reason. It is a laser guided missile aimed at delivering value to your ideal client.



#4. At what stage of the product launch cycle are you ? – How do you think he is feeling at this point? What are the possible objections that he is surfacing? For clues look at the comments on your launch blog. Comb through the feedback from the quick ‘How am I doing surveys ? ‘, you are asking your prospects to complete. Listen to the questions being asked on your webinars? These are all sources of golden insights to what your prospects are thinking.


If you spot a trend, address it in your next pre-launch event and design your buzz building email sequence accordingly so that you engage with your audience


#5.  What if they don’t ? -Here’s another goal orientated sequence. So far we have focused on the positive, on giving incredible value. But what if for any number of reasons, your ideal client did not take his ‘virtual seat’ at your webinar or even open that scintillating email that you crafted with so much care?


You’ve heard the expression ‘Plan for the worst and hope for the best’ ~ Well, that’s just what to do when building your email sequence mind map… Always have a plan B. Without one, your auto-responder series will be like a leaky bucket when it should be a watertight ship. You will be hemorrhaging leads at almost every point.


All the ‘un-opens’ want to be segmented onto another list and sent another series of mails which revisit the reason they subscribed in the first place and continues to offer value. All the no-shows want to be offered a recording of your webinar…kinda like this

The key to your success is in your mindset.  You want to think without restraint. Give as much value as you can. But all the time be moving your ideal client forward. Building his trust in you. Building his respect for your expertise. Teasing his interest in a friendly way and gently reminding him that staying stuck is not an option.


If you have a killer tip for writing great email a copy that engages, just leave a comment below and I’ll respond…



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Rory Ramsden