5 Things You Wish You’d Known Before Your First Launch…

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This is 100% guarranteed. You will make mistakes on your first product launch. Just get used to the fact and remember that if you’re not making mistakes, you are not learning new things. So make peace with that fact and do it.

By the time you close your cart, your understanding of the whole product launch process will have been transformed.

#1 The ‘Open Cart’ Email That Failed To Leave on Time

You may go to bed safe in the knowledge that you have scheduled that ‘cart open’ email for 0800hrs in the next morning but wake up to a nightmare. That precious message is stuck in the queue of other urgent messages being sent by your fellow marketers. Don’t assume that everything will be OK, Check

#2 Answer those Emails

When a prospect send you an email, answer it. If you have made a mistake, say so. You’re not supposed to be a super human. Don’t BS either. Just be straight and call it as you see it. You’re in the middle of a big product launch and probably a bit stressed out. Say so… You’ll obviously get the glitch in the process sorted asap if not sooner, won’t you?

#3 Snippy Blog Comments

Monitor the comments being made on your launch blog. You may surface an objection disguised as a question. Resist the temptation to moderate snippy comments away. With buzz building, the odd sceptic is not unexpected and will ‘keep it real’

#4 Go With The Flow

You’ve obviously made a product launch plan. Mapping out the whole process you intend to follow in advance is a good idea but plans are just that plans. They are not reality. So be flexible and optimize on-the-fly. The message you give is actually the reaction you get. That’s why it’s so important not to try and do it all yourself especially on the first launch.

#5 Keep a Journal

As your launch progresses, keep a journal of everything you notice that could be optimized. You can leverage this list to make your next product launch run more smoothly.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths and get specialist assistance to cover you weak spots. You are building a launch team to take your business into the future. This will will not be the last product launch you will do. Plan for the future. Find out how to hire a product launch manager.

Most important of all, segment your list and do a beta-launch first. You will find out what works and what doesn’t…


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Rory Ramsden